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The Red Wizards of Thay are the notorious and nefarious magocratic ruling class of the inhospitable country of Thay. They own their power to being cruel slavers, demonologists, and arcane experimenters. Eight zulkirs rule the country of Thay, one for each school of magic. Szass Tam, the Zulkir of Necromancy, is a powerful lich and the regent of Thaymount province.

You have learned of rumours of a giant complex below Thaymount, where Szass Tam hides his riches, novel spells and powerful secret magic.

Character Rules

  • Starting Level 6
  • All official races and classes
  • The Unearthed arcana available in DnD Beyond is allowed
  • No multi-classing
  • Character must be updated here before each session: [[Beyond Campaign](*campaigns*join/1323213294914169|DnD)]

House Rules

  • Knowledge checks when the characters have time to discuss can be performed with the party-best modifier by any party member
  • Counterspell is an opposed check between the two casters, with d20 + spell casting ability modifier (but no proficiency).
  • Decision to counter must be announced before any spell-related rolls have happened.

Replacement Characters

  • It is suggested that each player has a replacement character ready.
  • Possessions of the original character might be recovered depending on the specifics of the death.

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