Anfala is a female human druid. She is driven by the idea to bring balance into a world where mankind thinks that it can master everything and every living creature. Maybe, we can control the weather for a short moment - but never can we control the orbit of the moon or can command a flower to smell sweeter! There is something greater out there - beyond of imagination - the balance of the world - rise and destruction - the everturning wheel of transformation! Anfala dedicated herself to the idea to support and serve the balance in the multiverses. Live is complete neutral force and that is how it begins, pure and innocent. And so she knows: when you leave the rational and relative axioms away, there is only one thing that can lead you… intuition!


Personal quests
- short term quest: find out more about Heronimus (Paladin near Delan) and maybe win him as an ally against the wood exploiting, destroying people here around
- short term quest: fint out why Purdell wants to expand. Learn his friends and foes in this matter.
- long term quest: Anfala would like to found a new civilisation which would live in harmony with nature. Artfully built shelters (confortable and beatyfull) in the trees, on ground and underground that respect the natural surroundings.

Stats: Druid 6
STR 14
DEX 16
CON 15
INT 16
WIS 18 (increased by 1 at lvl 4)
CHA 13

1st lvl: lightning reflexes (+2 to refelex save), dogde (+1 to AC)
1st lvl druid feats: Nature sense (identify plants & animals (species & special traits). Know whether it is safe to drink water), Animal companion, Wild empathy (diplomacy for animals)
2nd lvl: woodland stride: move through natural difficult terrain (undergrowth) unhindered. Doesn’t work on magical effects.
3rd lvl: mobility
3rd lvl: trackless step: Anfala doesn’t leave a trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked, but she can choose to leave a trail if so desired.
4th lvl: resist natures lure: +4 on saving throws against spell-like abilities of fey.
5th lvl: 1/day wild shape for 1 hour/lvl: Anfala can turn herself into any small or medium animal (standard action, no attack of opportunity). This works like a polymorph spell with the following restrictions: no speaking during wild shape (only natural sounds of the animal meaning communication with the same genereal grouping as the new form). Anfala can only turn into animals she is familiar with and only into natural animals (no magical beasts or alike). Every form change heales 1hp/lvl. In wild shape Anfala takes the STR, DEX and CON stats from the new form but keeps her own INT, WIS and CHA. She also gains all extraordinary special attacks of the new form but not its extraordinary special qualities.
6th lvl: natural spell
6th lvl: Wild Shape 2/day
9th lvl: ?

Skills - Skill points at first level: 32 / Skill points at the following levels: 8
Balance +5
Concentration +12
Handle animal +8
Heal +12
Hide +5
Knowledge Nature +13
Move silently +10
Profession (goldsmith) +7
Ride +5
Spellcraft +13
Spot +12
Tumble +12
Wild Empathy +8

Hit points at least 24
1st lvl: max (1d8+2) = 10
2nd lvl: 2 + 2 = 14
3rd lvl: 5 + 2 = 21
4th lvl: 6 + 2 = 29
5th lvl: 2 + 2 = 33
6th lvl: ? + 2 = ??

AC 18 = 10 + 2 leather armor + 3 dexterity + 1 dogde + 2 shield (AC22 with mobility)

Fort 7 = 5 base + 2 con
Ref 7 = 2 base + 3 dex + 2 lightning reflexes
Will 9 = 5 base + 4 wis

Weapons and magical items
Base Attack Bonus: +4, Grapple +6
Simitar: Attack +6 / Damage 1d6+2
Longspear: Attack +6 / Damage 1d8+3
Quarterstaff: Attack +6 / Damage 1d6+2

Magic Items
[[Necklace_of_fangs?]]: 4 crocodiles, 4 vipers, 1 giant crocodile
Potion of cats grace (30 min)
Potion of Disguise Self

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