Battle of Charging River

We’ll try to fight back the Yarshag and the Dark Talon Lizards, and maybe get rid of Purdell and drive back the humans of Forest Bight Fortress.

We’ll use the Mass Combat Rules.


The following preparations before the battle will grant benefits. You can do six preparations for free. Every additional preparation has a 1 in 6 chance of triggering the battle. The battle is triggered after 15 preparations one way or another.

Status Preparation Bonus
Send spies into the lizard camps unit lists of Yarshag’s army
Done ✓ Free Black River Lizardsadd a lizard unit of 50 if rescued in the first six preparation actions; otherwise only 20 remain
Done ✓ Free Golden Eye Koboldsadd four catapult units
Done ✓ Charm Purdell the Precise get the various Forest Bight Fortress units on your side
Handle Mecsan of Old get the Delan unit on your side
Done ✓ Replace Barziddom the ogre mage with Droog get 20 ogres on your side
Kill some ogres insteadmore ogre skeletons on your side (the spell has unfortunate limits)
Handle Quinn Parr get another 30 flying monkeys on your side
Done ✓ Handle Sanael get 30 elven archers on your side
Recruit in Grezneck get 30 goblin archers who will fight for gold
Recruit in Grezneck get an elite band of 30 hobgoblins led by Purbok on your side who will fight for Orcus only
Done ✓ Handle Tribitz get the aid of two underpriests who can animate dead and control 64 HD
Worship in Stoneheart get the aid of two underpriests who can animate dead and control 64 HD
Done ✓ Find heart of the forest get 50 satyrs and fauns to fight on your side
Defeating Droog get him and 20 goblin wrestling fans to fight on your side
Prepare the battlefield make sure most of you units start on higher ground
Done ✓ Convince the blue dragon to attack Yarshag and take the Greatsword of Swampfire

Feel free to add to this list!

Any undead units should be well hidden from other units until the battle begins.


Things to do during the battle.

Maneuver Description
Bomb run The monkeys can drop a burning oil flask from above (+1) as a ranged touch attack dealing 2d6 points of damage. They can carry two flasks into combat. Returning to a depot and picking up more flask would take too long.

Feel free to add to this list!

Friendly Units

The following table lists the units that will fight against the lizards.

Number AC hp Attack (Damage)Description
4102-4 (4d6)catapults from Grezneck (built by kobolds) doing ranged touch attacks
120166+3 (1d10+1)dwarves from the Read Heart Fortress and Perkozhod with scale mail, heavy shield, and dwarven waraxes
201530+8/+8 (1d8+5)
+3 (1d6+2)
winged apes sent by Quinn Parr using natural weapons and flyby attacks
501511+2 (1d6+1)
+0 (1d4)
lizardmen armed with clubs and heavy shields
64156+1 (1d6+1/18-20)skeletons armed with scimitars and heavy shields, DR 5/bludgeoning
65124+2 (1d6)light foot from Forest Bight Fortress with leather armor, shortbow, and shortsword
40149+2 (1d8)heavy foot from Forest Bight Fortress with chain mail, light crossbow, and longsword
251213+4 (1d8)cavalry from Forest Bight Fortress with leather armor, lance, and longsword
8102-4 (4d6)catapults from Forest Bight Fortress doing ranged touch attacks
2102-4 (3d6)ballistas from Forest Bight Fortress doing ranged touch attacks


Enemy Units

The spies have determined the following:

Number Description
?wasp riders
5-10fang golems (Dornenhunde)
5shamans and witches (druids)
6intelligent compost heaps (shambling mounds)
0catapults built by kobolds (burnt)


After the Battle

Name Level XPNext