Brònach was raised in a quiet corner of the forest by the hermit Garret, a half-orc outcast of human society. Garret was already a man of fairly advanced years when he found an infant among the remains of a recently raided dwarven caravan. He couldn’t square it with his conscience to leave the child to the wild animals, so he took it with him. At first, his plan was to hand Brònach over to the next dwarf he came across. But this was kind of difficult, since dwarfs tend to shoot everything orkish-looking on sight, and after a while, Garret grew fond of the little toddler. So eventually, he decided to raise the child himself and to teach him better than those narrow-minded dwarfs would have.
When Garret died, Brònach was barely in his twenties (his exact age can only be guessed). He spent the next forty years living solitarily in the woods, mostly keeping to himself and living off the land, only occasionally visiting small settlements to trade for goods he couldn’t produce himself and exchanging news about what’s going on in the forest. The last couple of years however saw a significant rise in human activity in the forest. This has been troubling Brònach, and he feared the advance of civilisation might threaten his primitive yet happy existance. So when he heard the call of the Alder King, he decided to answer it, taking with him what arms and equipment he had.

When you send me the message that my life is of no value, then how can your property, how can your society, how can your civilization, how can any of the morals or rules or any of the monuments, how can any of that be of any value to me? I’m not allowed to look, I’m not allowed to touch, I’m not allowed to partake, I’m not allowed to participate. All my life I was rejected before I was born. At the most rejected. Nothing is open to me. And every time I knock on the door and get rejected it takes a little something out of me. So how does it mean anything to me that I should try to salvage it, or I should try to respect it, or I should try to preserve it? It stands as a barrier before me. It was there when I was born, it will be there when I die.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Brónach is morally indifferent, but personal freedom is very important to him. He believes that the individual can only be happy if it is free, therefore every attempt of organized society and civilization is a step in the wrong direction and doomed to result in oppression, and, ultimately, revolution and chaos. Chaos being the natural and true state of the world, and rightfully so.
Brónach values: Freedom, strenght, bravery, nature, open-mindedness
Brónach doesn’t like: Slavery, law, weakness, cowardice, submissiveness, compassion, prejudices, morals

Religion: Spiritualism
In line with his liberalist world view, Brónach doesn’t worship any deities. Instead, he uses all kinds of mind-altering herbs and mushrooms to get access to the spirit world and to find answers to the big questions in his life. He also knows a lot of other usefull (or simply fun) uses for these substances, meaning you’ll very rarely see him sober.

Brónach is illiterate

Brónach makes for quite a terrifying look. Most of his chest is covered by a wild, black beard, which quite obviously hasn’t seen a comb or scissors for decades. It’s populated by an unknown number of mice, which feed on what is left over from his meals there. Brónach lets them be, at least they prevent worse things from spreading there, he sais. Sometimes he plays with them, or tries to teach them tricks. He can’t really tell them apart, so he refers to each of them as “Hank”. As far as you can see, every inch of his skin is covered with tattoos very similar to traditional Māori Moko-tattoos. He claims to have made those himself, although you might wonder how someone is supposed to tattoo his own face.

Examples of Moko-tattoos:

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An image of Brónach in his youth:


Notable items:
Halberd of the Night, a +3 ghost touch halberd
Amulet of natural armor +1
Silver longsword
Full plate armor +2
Waterskin filled with giant wasp poison
One dose of Oil of Taggit
The hide of a Xorn



Barbarian (3)
Fighter (4)

STR 18 (17, +1 at level 4)
DEX 11
CON 16
INT 10
WIS 11
CHA 05

Skill ranks:
Intimidate 10
Sense Motive 7
Spot 10
Survival 4
Speak Language (Dwarven) 1

Power Attack
Weapon Focus (Halberd)
Weapon Specialization (Halberd)
Great Cleave
Iron Will