Comments on I Wish This Never Happened


Necoare has acheived his next level of enlightment, and is contemplating what to do with his new found power. Oh, the possiblities! Well, erasing Anfala’s negative levels would be a start. Then, it’s time to get Megator off the ground. Why walk when you can fly? Hmm… Oho yes. BronĂ¡ch has that vendetta to settle with the troll in Greznek, and the spells which Necoare can now imbue him with (such as Sanctuary, True Strike and Divine Favour) will be mighty useful. That Death Ward will be necessary for the Thanatos temple quest, too. Sending can allow us to communciate with Lerizwan.

Necoare can scarcely contain himself. It’s as close to skipping with joy he gets, and yet he somehow manages to refrain. Well, maybe just a little skip. When nobody’s looking.


– Marco 2010-02-01 15:08 UTC