A miller used to live at the northern edge of the village. His house was burnt down by Iz. The miller’s wife seems to be some sort of shapechanger related to the swamp hag Grysella.

The loggers by the river were led by a gnome called Kilka Pwin. To stop cutting down trees would put them out of work.

When night falls, the loggers tie build rafts using the logs and prepare to launch them the next day. Apparently they’re bound for Lenap.

Hateful Hundrik is the gnomish logging boss around here.

The Groggy Basilisk inn is run by Perdon and Feston, two shifty human brothers.

Mecsan of Old is the gnomish lord and gangster of this little village.

There’s a Ghinoran woman called Nattar Tlik that secretly practices the arcane arts. By day she’s a carpenter and woodcarver.

Marsingham the Mostly Fair, former scribe and sage for Purdell the Precise in Forest Bight Fortress has decided to move here and see how he gets along with the gnomes. He’s thinking of moving on to Fort Hobnob but needs some sort of escort or merchant caravan to tag along.

The party managed to lead Hieronymous and two of his followers away to restart their lives in Anfala’s Hamlet.

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