Forest Bight Fortress

Apparently the guards on the walls of this fortress are changed thrice a day. There must be around fifty soldiers, here. In addition to that, there are at least 25 cavalry, some catapults, and a ballista to be seen by anybody who cares to look.

Some buildings and people:

The Dead Well is an inn run by Lucky Ben Willhuff. There were two suspicious tea-drinking men in his establishment. He sells excellent wine from Jakkan Fields in the south. This is where the famous archaeologist Inander can be found.

Buckets & Bellows is a smithy run by a melancholy guy and his five sons. His wife died two years ago. They mostly produce weapons for the soldiers.

There’s a Pact Hall here where believers can enter pacts with Nhakhramat, a four armed woman also called the “Emerald Flame”.

The authority figures at the keep:

Lord Purdell “The Precise” used to be lord of the fortress but he was assassinated about half a year after the big battle against Yarshag, king of the lizard men. His chief advisor Marsingham “The Mostly Fair” moved to Delan. The dwarven captain of the guard, Gantrew Patchbeard, decided to end her commission and join the liberated dwarves in the Red Heart Fortress. She left with Purdell’s former advisor Lazar (Lerizwan in disguise).

Other important people:


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