These are the gods that have been introduced directly or indirectly until now.

Gods Benefits Drawbacks
Orcus, demon lord of the undead, patron of all short lived intelligent species such as goblins, vanquishes death Priests may raise the dead Demands cruel sacrifice
Tsathoggua, frog lord, lord of swamps, ponds, rain, and slime; lord of slaadi, protector of frogmen and stirges, the god of sloth and of gluttony Secures plant fertility, fends of winter Fear of pestilence brought by morbid swamps and blood-sucking insects
Hecate, goddess of witches, queen of the night, keeper of forbidden lore, mollified by pig slaughter on nights of the full moon Her charms will fend of curses and secure fertility and child health Jealous and choleric, vengeful, brings strife
Thanatos, god of death ??
Set, god of snakes, reptiles, treasure, hypnotism, enchantment, and poisoning His charms will defend against enchantment, prospectors and grave robbers pray for his blessings Poison and slavery
Hanuman the Accursed, the mad ape god, lord of the jungle, of action, of rescue Anybody who needs to break free, who needs help Madness and rage
Arden, the god of the sun, got destroyed none He’s gone. Finito. Done.
Nhakhramat, goddess of the emerald flame, of pacts, of contracts and lies, of wishes and miracles, of loyalty, and bondage, of service Her priests can seal pacts with servants of Nhakhramat, offering divine services Sometimes the priests try to cheat and twist your words
Nergal, plague lord, protector of vermin, rats, and ratmen, patron of spies and traitors His charms will protect from sickness. You can bribe him to curse your enemies.He brings war, fever, pestilence, death, drought, and famine.
Marduk, the general of the gods, the warrior, the warlord, the protector of man, the traveller, the newcomer Victory, command, control War and defeat
Ishtar, the goddess of love and sex, of longing, of prostitution Provides amour fou, a fevered sex life Venereal diseases, vengeance, poverty
Ganesh, the elephant god, the god of patience and wisdom, of knowledge, of animals and harmony Prayer will help you carry your burdens His followers are easily abused
Shul, the god of the moons, fickle and mysterious, of law He protects against dragons, his seals uphold the law and oaths, his mercy breaks a geas Sometimes he’s there, and sometimes he’s not
Blubedibloop, the lord of fish and sacrifice, of slavery and drowning He rules the water veins of the deep earth, causes the disappearance of your enemies, provides silence, and discipline He demands cruel sacrifice, he favors the whip to be used on his subjects, many of his followers snap and go crazy
Thyr, the god of law and justice, of order, and peace He provides stability and peace He limits mobility, opposes change, and imposes monotonous boredom
Muir, the goddess of virtue and paladins, of martial valor, of honor, truth, and courage, the protector of champions Supported by the order of Justicars, a shining example for all paladins, the sworn enemy of all undead, devils, and demons She expects self-sacrifice, humility, charity, unswerving loyalty, her standards are extreme
Ninurta, god of wild jungles and dark revenge He brings revenge and punishment He favors the strong, his jungle powers tear down civilization as we know it
Tammuz, god of fertility and rebirth He brings hope and new starts, he protects those that have been kidnapped, he brings joy and fertility Once a year he is taken by demons into the underworld and needs rescue