Greatsword of Swampfire

The hilt is decorated with an elaborate network of silver wires tying several emeralds into the grip. In its presence, everybody feels cold and the temperature drops.

There is an aura of strong evocation around this weapon.

When drawn, cold green glowing mists pours from the blade and covers the ground inches deep.

The sword was captured by three Dark Talon champions and their entourage when they pried it from the cold dead fingers of Skeletor when he was crushed by Hrserrchk, martyr of the Dark Talons, who held off the bloodthirty band of adventurers who had come to slaughter them all.

It’s presumed location is now in the hands of Yarshag, lord of the Dark Talon Lizards.

It is ancient and used to belong to the paladin Hieronymus. When he got captured by dryads, it was taken from him. It reappeared in the caverns of Barziddom where it was taken by the party and subsequently lost to the lizards.

The Lammasu says it is Swampfire that [[Purdell?]] is seeking in the forest. He wages war on the forest and kills all the dryads he can find, for he knows not that the word has already been taken from them.

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