Rumandin / Bagnin Flewhill, short Rumdin, a Gnome Ranger who grow up in Grezneck

Class: Ranger (4)
Race: Lesser Deep Gnome
Size: 26ft (smal)
Age: 42 years
Gender: male
Alignement: chaothic neutral


Normally he wear a heavy used, dark brown leather armor strengthens whit metal pieces and many small pockets on the legs. But he lost all his cloats during his time as a slave of the Orcus priests. Back in Grezneck, he let a new semilar one create. As soon as he was back on hid feets, the first thing he does in his new armor was a lang and hard run, climbing and crowling throug the forest. Now he looks a bit less shinig.

On the shoulder he wear a short, black cape made of thick wants. The border of the cape is decorated whit embroideries.

Armor: Studded leather armor AC +3 AP -1


Rumdin was born at the border of the Dangerous Forest deep in a lower hill whit great, middleaget trees growing on it. A small gnomish clan lived in their cave village in this hill. His father was a ranger too and start teaching his son early how to survive out in the wild. Some weeks after his seventh birthday, humans start to stub the forest on the hill whit fire. The hill lost stability and big parts of cave collapsed. Rumdin and his father could flew along whit a small number of members of his clan and they found refuge in the underground goblin city Grezneck.
Rumdin grow up in Grezneck and feels obligated to the inhabitants of this city and to the Alder King. For this reason, Rumdin did not hesitate, as the Alder King called for becoming one of his agents.
He takes a hard and long training by Grimb in the deep and around in the forest of Grezneck. During this time he have come to know and appreciate Iz funny but snaky pyromaniac.

Personal quests

Family treasure

Before his father died eight years after they coming to Grezneck, he often spook about the lost of the family treasure when they flew from they home. Rumdin don’t know what it is. It could be something whit material worth or the home they lost. Even he mean his wife, Rumdins mother, could be possible.
Rumdin can’t remember where this hill was and he used a lot of his free time to find it and search for the family treasure.

Rumdin has found his Home and the family treasure. See Die Nacht unter Ogern and Die verschollene Bibliothek.

Prophecy of the Kobold Oracle

The Kobold Oracle has prophesy him that he come out of the underground to build a great kingdom. How should that happen?


STR 14 +2
DEX 12 +1
CON 11 +0
INT 9 -1
WIS 14 +2
CHA 7 -2

HP 21
AC 16 (10 +3 +0 +1 +1 +0 +0 +1)

Fortitude 4 (4 +0)
Reflex 5 (4 +1)
Will 3 (1 +2)

Base attack bonus +4

Attacks Bonus Damage Critical
Kompositebow +2 [masterwork]4 +1 +1 +11w6 +2x3
Shortsword 4 +1 +21w4 +219-20/x2



Special abilitis


Collected knowledge

Heroic stories

Heldengeschichten die sich Rumdin gemerkt hat um sie dereinst seinen Kindern erzählen zu können, …oder an einer feucht, fröhlichen Lagerfeuerunde damit zu prahlen…