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Starting a War

Information learnt was added to Weather, Grysella, Dark Talon Lizards, Red Heart, and Kisoril Jawbinder.

XP gained: Handling five wasps without a fight (7), fighting a rider on a wasp and his two soldiers (5), talking to Kisoril Jawbinder (1), talking to Remboruk (1), spying on a lizard village and learning about the ankhegs (1), murdering five innocent lizard farmers (3), claiming the reward for seven lizardmen heads (1), seeing the inside of the pact hall and talking to Shiyara (1), murdering seven guards and a logger (4), keeping the mob of about thirty more loggers under control (8), evading the crocodile when crossing the river (1).

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Writing a session report or drawing a session scene is worth 198 XP.

Wer einzelne Szenen aus Sicht seines Charakters beschreiben möchte, ist dazu herzlich eingeladen. :)

Necoare’s Day

The plan is, as always, simple. First we head to the Lizards, harvest some of their number (making it look like the work of bounty-hunting humans), and then do the same to the humans, making it look like vengeful Lizards. What could go wrong, right?
So off we go, traipsing once more through the bloody forest. We’re almost attacked by a swarm of giant wasps (okay there were only five, but swarm is the correct collective noun and I’m sticking with it), but one of the green-thumbs in the party manages to scare them off using some weird nature mojo. Nice trick, actually. I’d like to figure out how to do that with humans. Next day we’re attacked by a single wasp, but this one has a Lizard rider and some friends. There’s a scuffle, a certain amount of chaos, and I showed them where Mr. Scythe gets his Most. That poor schmuck, didn’t even know what’d hit him. Just fell over in half and twitched a bit. As clean a kill as I’d ever seen. The wasp’s rider gets away but the other two, and plus the wasp he rode in on, all bite the dust. I collect the heads (they’re worth 50 gold each!) and we find another place to camp.
After more traipsing we arrive at a lizard camp. The less sneaky of us (the druid, the dwarf and I) make camp and stay out of the way while the sneaky hidey types scout the camp. Iz describes some trained burrowing insect-like creatures, what seem to be irrigation drenches, and at some point a wasp rider arrives and leaves again. The gnome tells us of a human trader who’s supplying the camp with arrow and spear heads. I find that information somewhat ironic, considering how the spears will be used in the near future. At any rate, this seems to be the place. Lets go collect some bounty.
We find a suitable spot for an ambush and wait for the last group of farmers return to the camp. There’s five. I step onto the road and scare them stiff, just a little. They huddle, and Anfala entangles them. The archers open fire, and the lizards bolt. Of the five, two make it out of the entanglement, but sadly none make it past Mr. Scythe here. Five heads are collected and the bodies are dumped in the bushes. We make like a tree and leaf.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear a nagging voice suggesting that the wholesale slaughter of unarmed peasants is somewhwat… unfair. I remind the little voice sometimes morality is a small price to pay when there’s a job to be done. Besides, their claws were sharp enough…

Well it all went pretty smoothly, actually. We got out clean, left no survivors, and have seven lizard heads in a sack. It’s a bitch to carry, but nobody else will do it. It’s as if they don’t like the stench of death. Pansies. We return to Forest Blight fortress, claim our bounty and spend as much of it as we can on gear (which, ironically, will also be used for killing humans). With part A of the plan completed, it’s off to see the loggers about part B.

We find the logging camp next to the river. Iz takes a peek and figures there are three active guards during the night, and probably around ten guards in total. Thirty loggers seem to live here in six huts throughout the camp. Iz goes in quietly and sets fire to the huts. We use our potions of Disguise Self, turn into Lizard Men, and move in. The fight was actually a bit hairy. We put down most of the armoured militia quickly enough, but since you can only hit one at a time even the unarmoured guards were proving to be a menace. Fortunately they panicked and retreated, giving us an opportunity to escape. I spotted one of the dead guards had some nice armour he didn’t need any more, and took his corpse with me for post-processing. We got out a little beat up, but without any losses. The new armour fits like a glove, too.

So all in all, it’s been a highly productive couple of days. We just need to stay quiet and hopefully find a nice vantage point to watch the humans and lizards duke it out. Job well done. Now it’s time to go home.