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The Alder King Grove

An ominous hill rises in this grove with a huge lime tree growing at its top. The grove is always covered in mist and many mortals have lost their way in these magic fogs.

These fogs hide the entrance to the goblin town Grezneck.

The Alder King is a forest spirit ruling this place. He seems to take on various forms: A voice emanating from the lime tree. A talking, walking tree. A black prince with branches growing out of his head. He has also been seen riding a big pumpkin carriage drawn by black horses, and he has been seen riding by himself on a big black horse.

He is interested in forging alliances against the humans.

Apparently striking a bargain with him automatically places you under a curse if you fail to comply.

Reputation: Iz +2, Necoare +2, Anfala +2, Lerizwan +2, BrĂ³nach +2, Rumdin +2