Anteus 0911 C652662-7 P Cy Da Ni Po A {-2 } (553+1) [3486] B V 402 C Na F5 V

0101: This is Anteus, UWP C652662-7.

Tags: Terraform Failure, Colonized Population Starport: C - Routine, unrefined fuel, shipyard (small craft), repairs Berthing: Cr100 Bases: A pirate base Size: 6 - 9,600 km, 0.70G, low gravity Atmosphere: 5 - Thin Temperature: 6 - Temperate (0 to 30 C) Hydrographics: 2 - Small seas Population: 6 - 4 Million Government: 6 - Captive government Law: 2 Technology: 7 Trade Codes: Ni (non-industrial), Po (poor)

There are two gas giants in this system.

Anteus is quite a bit larger than Mars, with a diameter of about 9600km. The atmosphere is thin.

A few million people live on the planet, distributed over multiple big cities, each with their own hinterlands.

At the starport there are multiple signs warning you of the poor neighbourhoods and the resulting threat to life and property.

Tech Available: Discovery of micro-computing, development of solar power alternatives. Availability of body pistols, mesh armour, flak jackets, pulse lasers, grenade launchers, Model/2 computers, hand calculators, hovercrafts, satellites.

When terrorists on a local subsector world turned out to be from Anteus, it didn’t take long before the navy showed up, overthrew the old order on Anteus, and installed a puppet government, currently led by Margaret Thaxton. Curfews, patrols, interrogations, allegations of torture, and occasional revelations thereof provide fertile grounds for more shootings, more bombs, more assassinations. These are bad times.

Anteus has a class C starport. The facilities here seem inconsequential, a few Aries Services buildings offering limited repairs. A pipeline snaking north could have once delivered refined fuel but it’s broken now so it looks like only unrefined fuel is available here.

The Golden-Black Duck is currently being refueled at the port. The Golden-Black Duck is a type A free trader (200t, streamlined). This ship is limited to jump-1. The pilot of this ship is Patricia Gates, 852659, Pilot-2 Electronic-1. The engineer is Dalitso Nuur, 498A2A, Engineer-1 Electronic-1 Vacc Suit-1. The medic is Khalidah Awad, CAB795, Medical-1 Electronic-1 Admin-1. The steward is Xin Peizhi, 777778, Steward-2 Electronic-1. The gunner is Baroness Yíng Renxiang, 669A9C, Gunnery-1 Electronic-1. The ship has one turret with beam laser mounted.

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: no hidden weapons, explosives, chemical weapons, or portable energy weapons past this point. When confronted with criminal activities, you’re on your own. Confrontations with security forces are unheard of.

There is a safe house of the Circle of the Proud Hawk near the starport. The crime boss is Awentia, 6B7488, Jack-o-T-1 Jet-driven Fixed Wing-1. Their right hand is Shadi, 878C65, Brawling-1 Bribery-1 Carbine-1. There are 8 more criminals in the building, 777777, Shotgun-1.