Governments of the Varala Drift

Major Governments of the Aurin Cluster:

Terran 2nd Empire

Vestiges of the Old Terran Empire

Regency of Enarlen

Behaj Worlds

Spacedust Pact

Ch’Bawleh Hegemony

Scorpio Concordat

Taranga Alliance

Syenne Alliance

Shirao Worlds

Taxxu Space

Minor Governments: (9?)

Orion Republic

TransStellar LLC

Confederation of Orion

Limitless, Inc.

Zhetrusi Hegemony

Yuan Stars


Morra Assembly

Furthest Stars Trade Association

Anchoret Hierocracy

Other loose organizations:

Rimward Colonies

The Stars Beyond

The Outworlds

Minor governments have a lower maximum jump than the major governments (generally J1 or J2), but not all of them can produce it locally. Many of them are also mutual-defense pacts, or economic unions. These states are either Centralized or Loose, but their style code is M, they have a Region code of 0, not 1, and their TL code is A or less (roll 8+ on 2d for TL A, otherwise they are TL 7-9 with a good starport). Roll 1d3 for their spread after you finish the big boys, then start dropping them in, preferably making them interesting. Don’t be afraid to carve them out of borders, especially since the small nation of smugglers between two borders is a nicely justified trope in sci-fi – after all, both the big boys see the advantage of having a small guy to pin their covert gaffes on.