Jemorra 0916 C688546-9 RC Ag NI Pr { 0 } (445+1) [156D] BcC V 502 B Or K7 V BD wide 110 au Se-ed 681407073

0106: This is Jemorra, UWP C688546-9. There are two gas giants in this system.

Tags: Former Warriors, Societal Despair UWP: C688546-9 (no gas giant) Starport: C - Routine, unrefined fuel, shipyard (small craft), repairs Berthing: $500 Bases: Research, Imperial Consulate Size: 6 - 9,600 km, 0.70G, low gravity Atmosphere: 8 - Dense Temperature: B - Hot (31-80 C) Hydrographics: 8 - Water world Population: 5 - Hundreds of thousands (average city) Government: 4 - Representative democracy Culture Notes: Unusual customs: trade Unusual customs: social standings, Fusion Law: 6 Technology: 9 Trade Codes: Ag (agricutural), Ni (non-industrial) Pr (Pre-Rich)

Sensors show the Green Panther scooping up unrefined fuel.

Jemorra is quite a bit larger than Mars, with a diameter of about 9600km. The atmosphere is very dense.

A few hundred thousand inhabitants have settled on the planet. The largest settlement is Rub with about a quarter million people around the starport.

Agriculture thrives here. The main export is fruit.

Development of jump drives and sophisticated energy weapons. Availability of laser rifles, ablat armour, beam lasers, Model/3 computers, battle computers, limb regeneration, drives A–D, jump drives.

The system is governed by a representative democracy. The system favours a handful of parties with no clear winners and stable governments. Executive power lies in a committee with representatives of all the powers. The current ceremonial head of the government is Ain Al-Zoubi.

Jemorra has a class C starport. A small frontier style Argo Ventures installation is here for small repairs. A bunch of shabby fuel vehicles nearby are a sign: there’s just unrefined fuel to be had.

The Inquisitive Scribe is currently being refueled at the port.

At the starport gates, travellers are warned: most guns prohibited past this point, excluding shotguns. Confrontation with the security forces occur on a regular basis (throw 6+ to avoid harassment and/or arrest by the local authorities). There is a gas giant in this system.


The Green Panther is a type T patrol cruiser (400t, streamlined). They hail all incoming ships: “This is captain Bi Baozhai of the patrol cruiser Green Panther hailing all incoming ships. We are looking for information on the whereabouts of pirate Gerald Rainforth (0107). Do not aid and abet them. Reward for their location: 5000 Cr. Reward for their capture, dead: 10000 Cr. Reward for their capture, dead: 20000 Cr.”

The pilot of this ship is Bi Baozhai, 7256A8, Pilot-3 Fwd Obsvr-1 Auto Pistol-1. The navigator is Harith Soltani, 687488, Navigation-2 Jack-o-T-1. The first engineer is Shuai Lee, 883C87, Engineer-1 Vacc Suit-1 Jack-o-T-1. The second engineer is Kumbukani Fifi, 969899, Engineer-2 Ship’s Boat-1 Computer-1. The third engineer is Yuwen Tengfei, 264788, Engineer-2 Electronic-1 Vacc Suit-1 Ship’s Boat-1. The medic is Dame Halimah Adib, 2B449B, Medical-3 Electronic-1 Dagger-1. The first gunner is Emily Berry, 589CA6, Gunnery-1 Admin-1. Their turret has a beam laser mounted. The second gunner is Jessica Tinling, 775885, Gunnery-1 Electronic-2 Auto Rifle-1 Carbine-1. Their turret has a missile racks mounted. The third gunner is Oghenekevwe Kenam, 468764, Gunnery-3 Fwd Obsvr-1. Their turret has a pulse laser mounted. The fourth gunner is Manaba, 749A58, Gunnery-1 Jack-o-T-1 Dagger-1 Vacc Suit-1. Their turret has a missile racks mounted.

The Inquisitive Scribe is a type S scout/courier ship (100t, streamlined). This ship is limited to jump-1. The pilot of this ship is Carol Shurtleff, 63AB8A, Pilot-1 Engineering-1 Computer-1 Gunnery-1. Their partner is Kanbe Mira, A96646, Jack-o-T-1 Air/Raft-1.