Obarwinko 1115 C651611-8 RSP NI Po {-2 } (853-2) [6488] B V 112 7 Tr K1 V

Star: Ahkik YELLOW DWARF Ahkik gas giant, 10 moons Ahkik I construct planet, 3 moons Ahkik II planetoid, 1 moon Ahkik III planet Ahkik IV - Obarwinko planetoid Ahkik V gas giant, 4 moons Ahkik VI

Tags: Heavy Mining, Alien Ruins UWP: C651611-8 (seed: 13158) Starport: C - Routine, unrefined fuel, shipyard (small craft), repairs Berthing: Cr200 Bases: Pirate, Research, Scout Size: 6 - 9,600 km, 0.70G, low gravity Atmosphere: 5 - Thin Temperature: 3 - ?? Cold (-51 to 0 C)? Hydrographics: 1 - Dry world Population: 6 - 1 Million Government: 1 - Company / Obarwinko Corporation, TransStellar Corporation Law: 1 Technology: 8 Trade Codes: Ni (non-industrial), Po (poor)

Obarwinko (Heavy Mining, Alien Ruins) |

Atmosphere airless or thin Gravity low Temperature cold (variable) Biosphere human-miscible Population M 1+ Tech Level 3 HEAVY MINING

This world has large stocks of valuable minerals, usually necessary for local industry, life support, or refinement into loads small enough to export offworld. Major mining efforts are necessary to extract the minerals, and many natives work in the industry.


•Mine boss •Tunnel saboteur •Subterranean predators


•Hermit prospector - Moxxu •Offworld investor - Duchess Zhōu Yuèguāng •Miner’s union representative


•The refinery equipment breaks down •Tunnel collapse •Silicate life forms growing in the miners’ lungs

Things •The mother lode •Smuggled case of refined mineral •Faked crystalline mineral samples

Places •Vertical mine face •Tailing piles •Roaring smelting complex


The world has significant alien ruins present. The locals may or may not permit others to investigate the ruins, and may make it difficult to remove any objects of value without substantial payment. Any surviving ruins with worthwhile salvage almost certainly have some defense or hazard to explain their unplundered state.


•Customs inspector •Worshipper of the ruins •Hidden alien survivor


•Curious scholar •Avaricious local resident •Interstellar smuggler


•Traps in the ruins •Remote location •Paranoid customs officials

Things •Precious alien artifacts •Objects left with the remains of a prior unsuccessful expedition •Untranslated alien texts •Untouched hidden ruins

Places •Undersea ruin •Orbital ruin •Perfectly preserved alien building •Alien mausoleum

General description Trade Codes: Ni, Po Orbit 2.1 Orbital Distance 0.73 AU

Port Obarwinko’s culture is somewhat harmonious, extremely aloof, and very confusing. It could also be described as tolerant, cold, and weird. Generated by adding a flux roll to Technology Level, symbols are broadly interpreted here as a society’s general adoption of technology. For example, a society with a TL of 8 but a Symbols rating of 5 has the technological capability to create computers but they are not adopted into the daily symbols used by that society. This society has a symbols rating of 8 and a technology level of 8. This indicates the society is broadly comfortable with its available technology. The following symbols are the highest level of symbols possibly used by that society: Commercial cultural icons; Literature and science icons; Shared platforms of information; Transformation of mass media again, more user interactivity; New forms of art (music, painting, drama, comedy etc.) take advantage of new technological platforms.; Almost universal tertiary education

Natural Resources: Ores, Gems and Crystals. Manufactured Resources: Information. No Native Life Current Life is Settlers. Seismic Stress factor: 5


Text Description.

Work out Chin Gangs, perimeter robots, and maps of the world, starports, spaceports, grand Survey, Grand Census, etc. Animal threats.