Teucer Subsector, Sector Six, Subsector A

Note: This data needs cleaned up, for Hard Sci Fi, and Space Opera parameters, and matched with T5. Worldnames need review / Revision.

Hex numbers here are Subsector local, not Sector. Tech needs to be converted to hexadecimal.

Luqte            0102 A9B7656-14     RTC   Fl Ht NI       A 
Closrai          0103 B645116-11 PCT NSG   Ga Lo            
Alfoon           0105 D241003-5       SG   Lt Po          A
Worofikeh        0106 D586550-4        G   Ag Ga Lt NI    A
Manasi           0107 D524110-7            Lo             A
Rumul            0108 B100313-12  C   SG   Ht Lo Va         
Calofin          0201 D205422-7            IC NI Va         
Hueclao          0203 BA6B5A7-11      S    NI Wa          A
Isiyankeh        0204 D454484-8            NI             R
Hualing VII      0206 D642431-5       SG   Lt NI Po         
Pel's World      0207 D226721-8                                  
Rezhwu IV        0304 D444723-5       SG   Ag Lt               
Turunen          0305 B441333-9        G   Lo Po            
Vinpu            0307 C476545-7        G   Ag NI            
Aoywuu XLVII     0308 B83A437-8      N G   NI Wa            
You 81           0310 E8A6553-7        G   Fl NI          A
Mas Spiritu      0402 D622A88-4       SG   Hi In Lt Na Po   
HST-403          0403 C631356-7  PC   SG   Lo Po            
Hateful          0405 D552100-5        G   Lo Lt Po       A
Satic            0407 DAB27AF-2       S    Fl Lt          A
Plastic          0408 B1008AB-9   CT  SG   Na Va          A
Wine             0409 C474125-7       SG   Lo             
Varga            0501 B895441-9   CTRNSG   Ga NI          R
Uqy-Sibri        0503 C7B58CC-6  P     G   Fl             A
Spiteri          0505 B586420-7        G   Ga NI          A
Comfhobi         0506 D849684-7        G   NI              
Vacuous Base     0509 C010531-8   C R  G   NI              
Lopsable         0601 E321001-7        G   Po             A
Coldice          0603 D430210-7       SG   De Lo Po       A
Xim-Urhz         0604 D456883-4    T   S   Lt               
Oyexe            0605 A435798-9   CT N                           
Insubstantia     0606 D200966-6        G   Hi In Na Va      
WZ-4             0608 B448645-8   C   S    Ag NI            
Sore 2           0703 D445433-4       SG   Lt NI            
Westenhan        0706 E665877-5  P         Ga Lt Ri       A
Ferraro          0707 E381775-6            Ri             A
Girardall        0709 A6936AA-9   CT  SG   NI             A
Olanco           0801 E1557AE-4        G   Ag Lt          A
Zeqoi IV         0802 X576000-1        G   Ba Ga Lt       A
Quoprer          0804 D7A8950-6       SG   Fl Hi          A
Lidmeg II        0806 D848252-7       SG   Ga Lo          R
Departure        0810 A593304-13  CT   G   Ht Lo          A