Making the Sandbox

  1. Roll up two subsectors side by side.
  2. Note all the high population planets.
  3. Write a short paragraph on each placing them in the context of your background (Empire, Federation, Free Space, etc)
  4. Find any high tech planets (the highest ones you rolled )
  5. Make notes on them.
  6. Find all class A and B starports
  7. Make notes on them.
  8. Scan the remaining planets pick out 4 to 8 that grab your attention.
  9. Make notes on them.
  10. Look at your notes and come up with two to four “plots” that ties one or more locales together.
  11. For each of the planets you have notes make up four “patron” encounters for each. They should start as one sentence each and be self contained in respect to the major plots.
  12. Come up with 6 to 12 general patron encounters that can be placed anywhere in your subsectors. Make them flexible like (set in a seedy starport, etc)
  13. Make up a rumor chart with 10 to 20 items that feeds the players into what you prepared.
  14. Then use the NPC resources to make a list of NPCs. Assign them to the various items you created above.
  15. Look at your notes and decide where recurring NPCs will occur. (Captain of the subsector Revenue Patrol, Custom Offical, Badger the Broker, etc). Probably need 6 to 12 of them. Give them a paragraph description in addition to their stats.

This should take about four evenings of Prep for two sub sectors probably two to three evenings for a single subsector. Each subsequent subsector will be slightly less time to prepare as you can reuse elements.