Baron Jeffrey of Farthorpe

Baron Jeffrey of Farthorpe

Jeffrey Brighthaven is the youngest son of the current Count of Brighthaven. The count’s nearness to the capital allowed him to succeed in having his youngest son ennobled as the newest baron of the realm of the newest barony, the Barony Of Farthorpe.

This move blistered the Baron of Pollish who had patrolled this region in addition to the king’s troops. While this land was officially directly under they king, the Baron of Pollish patrolled it to guard the western approaches to his lands. He had hoped to enlarge his own holdings as reward for thwarting the undead horde that invaded Farthorpe Valley.

Jeffrey brought advisors, his old tutors, a priest Darragh Blathmac and a mage Cronan Gilmore to advise him. He also has his own retinue led by a capable warrior Flynn Cronmor, all busy patrolling and maintaining order.

Jeffrey appropriated the largest house of the former elder of the village and had it fortified. An aftershock caused part of it to collapse and he was injured. Shortly after being injured he married a woman few know details about. Rumors abound about who she is and where she came from. She is Baroness Evelyn or Lady Evelyn.

Baron of Farthorpe

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