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Campaign Summary

Campaign Summary

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One Page Summary

A band of adventurers comes to a place that had an infestation of undead following an earthquake.

Riches were found and rumors of easy riches abound. The undead problem is mostly resolved.

The party finds a frontier village, Farthorpe under new management from a new baron sent by the King.

There is a wizard, Hanagan the Red, who set up shop in Farthorpe after the Earthquake. He has worked with the party and created some potions of giant strength for them.

The tavern is called “The Fallen Paladin” for the unnamed paladin who saved Farthorpe from some horrific evil.

The Followers of the Way tend the cairn that was raised in honor of this paladin.

The neighboring baron, who did most of the work dealing with the undead expected to have his holdings enlarged, so isn’t happy.

Bandits & giants raided wagon trains.

The party found the Temple of Binding which once held three evil creatures. Two had already been freed and the last was set loose by a member of the party.

They finally found holy symbols that gave access to areas guarded by animated statues. These holy symbols also allowed them to control the undead that were party of the security for the temple.

The party met some “Sand Vikings” who located the Temple of Binding when searching for the source of undead that came out of the desert. Some of the Sand Vikings helped the party finish exploring the Temple and found what they suspect to be the reason for all the undead. Coincidentally, under the Temple of Binding, the earthquake opened up to a small cave that also opened into a room filled with skeletons and zombies. The undead could not enter the Temple of Binding. The party dealt with them, and the room contains what they later learned is the sarcophagus of “The Necromancer.”

There was a portal to a mountain top temple, the Temple of The Necromancer. The party and the Sand Vikings with them defeated the undead and the human guards. Those slain rose up as undead shortly after being struck down.

After clearing the mountain top temple and cutting the rope for the platform used to transport people from 500 feet below, someone on a magic carpet with four archers showed up. The party learned from one guard they took prisoner that the guy on the carpet holds the title of Son of The Necromancer. The title alternates between Son or Daughter with each new generation’s Child of The Necromancer.

The party lucked out and drove off this individual after killing his archers and losing one of the Sand Vikings when he stepped off the flying carpet and it rolled up.

The party went back through the portal and used one of the gold and one of the platinum holy symbols they found in the Temple of Binding, and it sealed the portal. They tried a similar trick and sealed The Necromancer in his sarcophagus. They learned from The Justice Maker that due to what the party did, The Necromancer can’t get out without help.

The party is on good terms with the Baron of Farthorpe. They dealt with the bandits, giants, and many other threats to the valley.

Two former party members now reside at the Temple of Binding. One a priest, and the other a bodyguard/procurement expert/special operations person.

The temple has an area that only the “Chosen One” can enter. The “Chosen One” is the only one who can speak the “Words of Binding” to “Renew the Binding.”

The priest had a vision from the Justice Maker that revealed the origin of the hereditary line of the “Chosen One” and their progenitor’s role in sealing the evil beings in the Temple of Binding.

After satisfying themselves that Farthorpe and the Temple of Binding would be safe, the party went with the Sand Vikings to where they left their sand ships and sailed West towards the “Lands of the Seven Jarls”. Seven towns in the desert near to the mountains with the mountaintop Temple of The Necromancer.

Their journey West found many ruins and they fought many fantastical creatures and acquired great wealth and many powerful items. They met the Red Lizardfolk, who call themselves the Ssthmm, and they transported their envoy, Ssthak to meet with the High Jarl in Haven.

While in Haven, they encountered a drunk who turned out to be the twin brother of the Paladin. Radan Brightflame is a fighter with the same birthmark like that of the holy symbol of The Justice Maker. His twin sister, Reyden Brightflame, is the paladin who faced the “unspeakable horror” and vanished in a flash of light. Radan took a chance and joined the party and has proved useful a few times in combat.

The party faced “The Champion” an anti-paladin on a Nightmare. He nearly defeated the party, but was turned by Renelan. The next time the party met him, they defeated him.

The party went to Fire Mountain, and picked up a now charmed troll, Grak's Finger. They slew Grak’s Finger’s family and the women and children of a group of fire giants.

Just the other day, Fire Mountain had a major eruption after having many smaller eruptions.

The party bought their own sand ship and with the two sand ships that brought them here, they are sailing to “The Necropolis.” This is the ancient home of The Necromancer.

They know that the Son of The Necromancer and the Horde of The Necromancer are digging in search of “The Key.” They learned that the Son of The Necromancer was seeking it from the prisoner they captured on the mountain top temple.

They fought a force of undead lead by a mummy.

Then a force of the Horde who were members of a group called “The Chosen of The Necromancer.” They had a Blood red banner with the Symbol of The Necromancer that was supposedly magic, but a fireball incinerated it. There are more of these “Chosen” but they have yet to encounter them.

Radan had a vision that they should bless one of the four obelisks that formed a boundary around The Necropolis. In blessing it, it re-formed, and seems to have some magical properties. These obelisks are related to both the Temple of Binding and something to do with The Necromancer.

Two servants of the Son of The Necromancer assaulted the party, but the one who attempted to backstab one of the party wizards only tangled his poison blade in the mage’s robes and fled, but not fast or far enough to avoid a fireball that incinerated him. His wizardly companion was soon felled, but they revived him and made him a prisoner, and charmed him to learn more about the underlings of the Son of The Necromancer.

They decided to sail the sands around The Necropolis and bless all the obelisks, re-forming them. Some undead appeared, but they defeated them by turning.

One of the items the party acquired is an ebony fly (figurine of wondrous power) that becomes a pony sized fly. The party used that to ferry members of the party from their sand ship to the mountaintop Temple of The Necromancer.

Only four of the eight members of the party, counting Radan, have made it to the temple. Those four, Gaul, Chesty, Renelan, and Stohagan have cleared the temple of its human and undead guardians and once again cut the rope for the lift, 500 feet below.

Of the current members of the party, only Gaul, Dinkgus, Jorl, and Canis have been to this foul temple.

After Renelen turned undead with his holy symbol from the Temple of Binding, Radan has the other one, the undead burst into flames, and the human guardians with their foul amulets also burst into white flames that gave no heat. This gave much more light in the pre-down darkness than a lantern that broke when a guard was slain trying to light it. The party members and Sand Vikings back with the three ships all saw it, so they expect that the forces of the The Horde of The Necromancer and the Son of The Necromancer have also seen it.

Gaul suggested that the mosaic in the wall of the temple that occupies the space where they came through the portal, thus not seeing it until now, might act as a scrying device and urged Renelen to use his magic mace to smash it. Renelen got a good, solid strike and smashed the center of the mosaic in the nasal cavity. This activated a secret door and revealed a dark dust and cobweb filled chamber beyond.

This is where we left off at the end of Session 57. Dinkgus is traveling to ferry Jorl and Canis to the mountaintop temple, then go back to get Radan. They expect to see the figure on the flying carpet at any moment. All as the sun is rising in the East.

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