Canis Mallory

Canis Mallory

Am Druid. Not tree-hugger.

Canis Mallory identifies himself as a “Freelance Druid”, essentially meaning he is tied to no known Druidic circle found within the Broken Lands or Empire. Originally becoming an adventurer with the goal of finding his missing wife, he continues to do so even after her rescue, questing out with the goal of making the lands safer and creating safe havens for all travelers. His wife, Ellie, quests out for similar goals, the two communicating via messenger birds when their travels do not coincide.

Canis is fairly cautious and lackadaisical, generally avoiding being at the forefront of a discussion unless he needs to be or feels particularly strongly about an issue. He is also not as fervent about nature as most druids, preferring to strike a balance between the wilds and civilization, avoiding needless destruction of either one.

In battle, Canis works to support his allies and control the battlefield, bringing the elements to bear in as disruptive a manner possible. If the enemy does not fear the power of nature enough, then he charges forward with his hefty stone hammer to drive them into the earth with all of Gaia’s fury.

Canis also has a younger brother, Robert, who he has not seen in some years.

Whilst travelling through the desert of the Broken Lands aboard Sand Viking ship, Canis obtained a magical spear. He privately christens this; “Desert Thorn.”

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