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Dinkgus Growing up in the wooded area near the southern border.Naturally his Gnome family were a group of Forrester. so of course he took on the same work as his Father and grand father. But dinkgus was a lazy Gnome. He didn’t want to work to make gold, so later in his life after he went off on his own, he headded to the larger towns. to see what went on there. while doing so he was Knocked out and Robbed of all his gold.. and “BLINK” the light went on in his head. now that he was Broke and hungry he needed to find a way . so he took what he learned and started small Stealing food off street stands. and small amounts of gold, after a few months of this Dinkgus Got bolder. he started to go after bigger purses. Untill one day he saw what had to be the grandest prize of all. Someone was delivering a Huge coin bag to the was his chance to become rich. So Dinkgus Cases the guy with the gold and plans his attack. he goes in to grab the gold. Dinkgus steals the Gold. and runs. all of a sudden the one who he stole from is in front of he turns to escape. and Poof there he is again. finnaly Dinkgus gives up. and the person he was stealing from reveals himself. and dinkgus sees hes some kind of magik user. more specific he is an illusionist. now Dinkgus thinks his life has ended and he will be in jail soon enough, but the illusionist has other plans, he suggests to avoid going to jail Dinkgus can serve him for a while to pay off his bad deed. dinkgus thinks on it for a min. and decides ok he will do this. so for the next 6 months he is indentured to this illusionist. and while he works for him he also has a chanxe to learn the ways of the Illusionist……………

– Anonymous 2020-09-06 20:18 UTC

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