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Session 51

According to Chesty

We become visible, still on the fly, we continue heading to the ship. We are forced to camp when it gets too dark, we arrive at the oasis that we left the ships at to find…….no ships.

Harpy bodies,….I fly up to see where the ships have gone

I fly around to follow the ships, the crew is acting strangely and it occurs to me that maybe not all of the harpies died, so I cast invisibility, fly behind the Harpys (they had just finished someone) I cast Slow, then Blinded one with light, then Charmed the remaining one. While I was trying to decide what to do with the Harpies, Grak showed up. I had him eat the blinded Harpy, and when the other Harpy came down to us I hit her with Magic Missiles Grak killed and ate her. All in all it was a good time. I then sent the Sandwitch back to pick up the party. They have returned and we all took some much needed rest, and studied our various crafts.

The next day we Identified some of the magic items we have, and decided to try to find where the Harpies had laired, we should have figured that the greedy bitches wouldn’t bring all their folk in for a feast. They also were poor. But at leaste we don’t have to deal with them after this. Gaul kept two to sacrifice to his dark Powers. He says he learned something, but I think he just likes killing and burning them. We head towards the Necropolis, we saw a small ruin, and decided to investigate. Despite originally thinking that it was several Lamias and a few Trolls, I believe it turned out to be just one Lamia, which I fed to Grak. Grak seems to be very useful, and he didn’t eat Canis when Canis was charmed. The Lamia was sitting on a fair amount of Gold, so…..hurray

– Chesty 2020-10-25 19:45 UTC

I cannot thank any and all dieties enough that Grak did not turn on Canis!

– Antony 2020-10-29 12:54 UTC

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