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Session 52

According to Chesty

After beating the Lion/Horse/Woman we split the loot and give the lair one last search around. We find nothing. I feed the Lamia to Grak and then have him return to the ship. When we return to the ships, they have been becalmed. I work with Grak on learning Trollish words and counting. Gaul, Radan, Stohagan and Canis decide to go out “on Patrol”, despite clear signs that we should rest and then do things, If they die, we will have a hard time looting them.

Radan comes heroically back crying about undead attacking the “patrol”. Good thing they didn’t wait until morning………………. I cast Fly and then grab hold of Radan to have him lead us back. We came to where they were fighting to see ghouls? Fast Zombies? Homeless people? After the homeless cannibals where dealt with another two groups of them. They had a Mummy, all wrapped in bandages leading them, I called up George my Fire elemental, and started laying into them, after copious turning by the God Slaves everything settled down. After a copious amount of whining I separated the Medallion the Mummy was carrying and took one of his arms. Then we return to the ships. The Sand Vikings proved to continue to not be very useful 6 of them died from undead storming the ships.

– Chesty 2020-11-01 20:35 UTC

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