Corbin Darrow

Corbin Darrow

Body guard: Tapor Udin.

Corbin was born into a noble family in the city of Drahn. His childhood consisted of the best education of the body and brain that was available to his family. His father believed in giving one the tools to success relied not only on having means, but also brains and physical prowess. Therefore once he was of age to be productive, he was sent to work as a sailor in their fishing fleet. Both freshwater and saltwater fishing for profit was part of his teen years in that aspect of the family business. He hated it. The long arduous hours on the waters, and then hours of business wrangling, took him away from his books and the libraries. His father kept telling him that ‘it builds character to do something with your hands.’ He was dutiful and successful with the exercise, however he was not an enthusiastic fisherman. Eventually after a few years working up from deck swab to chief net wrangler, he was accepted and apprenticed at the Drahn Academy to further his arcane and mundane studies as an apprentice with his family’s blessing. He focused on the study of symbols, communication and enlightenment, knowledge is power that can’t be taken away. He spent years of study into the histories, heraldry, symbolism, battlefield communication and tactics, and tales of the lands near and far. His goals were to become a valuable advisor to the king through his tactical understanding of wars, battles and skirmishes. Others can do the dirty work, you just have to guide them to do it, by direct or indirect means. However the political situation so far has kept him low on the list of those who might bend the king’s ear. After the earthquake to the west, stories became common of ‘interesting times’ near the border town of Farthorpe. Seeing an opportunity to make a name for himself by discovering new knowledge and be out from the socio-political yoke of Drahn, he arranged to be furloughed from his service to the kingdom to pursue his own interests, potentially returning with useful information, knowledge and materiel to aid the rise of the Kingdom of Drahn… or if the wind blows in another direction, he’s sure he won’t be missed by many other than his family in Drahn.

He located a suitable man at arms, Tapor Udin, that has no family, down on his luck to help him arrive safely in Farthorpe. He’s paying him as a sergeant but also charmed him to make him more amenable to accept the job. He wasn’t interested in interviewing or wading through the hiring process. His job description is guard with light valet duties since we’re not expecting trouble. He’ll treat him well, and when the charm eventually wears off he’s hoping he’ll stay on. If not, he’ll charm him again unless new prospects are better.

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