Deities (Religion)

Religion/Deities: The people of The Broken Lands rarely focus their devotion on a single power. Rather they worship The Powers as a whole. The main purpose of worship is living a life that is well prepared for death. There are the Powers of Light and the Powers of Darkness. Generally referred to as The Powers.

Death: Death is seen as inevitable. How one faces one’s death is important. At birth, each child has their birth and death augury cast. The birth augury influences one’s choice of profession/etc. But many seek adventure in spite of that. The death augury is believed to foretell the manner of one’s death or the scope or how well it was faced. Groups that seek to avoid death via raise dead, resurrection, or animating the dead are anathema. While there are stories of great heroes of the past being raised from the dead temporarily so they could complete a quest or other great task, it is rare. Death occurs at -10 HP.

Followers of the Way

The Justice Maker - Deity mentioned in the Treasure Map From Hill Giant Lair

Platinum Holy Symbol of Virtue - Gold Holy Symbol of Truth

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