GM Rulings

GM Rulings

Houserules: NOTE: I added this page to the CampaignWiki with House Rules changes/clarifications.

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4/17/2020TBD Dinkgus wants Otiben to make him some leather armor as per p. 29 DMG it takes 10 days per suit. Since Dingkus is small I said 5 days if Otiben not doing other things.
04/19/2020Session 26Firing into combat with large opponent.No chance to hit less than large allies if clear shot and able to see.
04/26/2020Session 27Does casting Enlarge on an ally negate invisibility.Enlarge does not constitute an attack when cast on an ally.
07/12/2020Session 37After session, Dinkgus leveled and asked if any spells from UA available.1st level: Phantom Armor - 2nd Level: Alter Self
07/12/2020Session 37After session, Gaul wants a ritual to use for cleansing every time he goes underground.1st Level Spell Ceremony from UA is now part of this ritual.
07/19/2020Session 38How often can use Brazier to summon a fire elemental?As per MM p. 37 Elementals can only be summoned once per day per device. A device capable of summoning more than one type, can summon one of each type each day.
07/25/2020Session Prep How does a fighter’s 3 attacks per 2 rounds work?See 3/2 Attacks
08/16/2020Session 42Casting Verbal Component Spells underwater Water Breathing or Airy Water or similar required to cast spells.
08/16/2020Session 42Water Breathing in air.Air breathing creatures in air with this spell can breathe normally.
09/20/2020Session 46Stunned flying opponent.If not magic or a spell, the fall results in 1d6 damage per ten feet fallen.
09/27/2020Session 47Enlarged Elementals If under control, such as by Chesty’s brazier, then the elemental will accept the spell and be enlarged. Size of elemental is same as giant of similar hit dice.
10/04/2020Session 48Sword +4, Defender and hitting creatures only hit by +4 or better, does it still count if plusses are allocated to defense?The allocation of the plusses to attack or defense does not change the fact that it is a +4 weapon. It would allow hitting a creature only hit by a weapon of a given plus, however, the amount of plusses available for the attack role might not be +4, so the chance of hitting is reduced.
11/01/2020Session 51Neutralize Poison will remove Ghoul and Ghast paralyzation.
12/26/2020In response to Session 58 and preparation for Session 59Scroll Protection from Magic - Spell - Anti-Magic Shell - Spells - Minor Globe & Globe of Invulnerability The Protection from Magic Scroll states that there is a chance of de-magicing permanent magic items. It automatically cancels spells, blocks charmed creatures, etc. Scrolls, spellbooks, & potions would all be un-magiced. This would be a last resort use spell for a magic-user or illusionist. Memorized spells would NOT be affected. - As per the item description in the DMG, permanent magic items get a saving throw. - As per the spell description, the Anti-Magic Shell only prevents the magic of permanent magic items from working within its bounds. This prevents the magic-user from casting or using magic items. It would not unmagick spell books, scrolls, or potions. It would prevent them from working. Thus a potion that is drunk would not function (In this case this would destroy the potion.). Someone flying by magical means could not pass through the shell. - As per the spell descriptions both the Minor Globe and Globe of Invulnerability block spells below a certain level from entering, but the caster can cast spells and use scrolls and other items. These spells are like one-way magic proof bubbles that block entrance of spells but not their exit from the caster.
2/14/2021Session 66Cure Deafness New 3rd level spell in same vein as Cure Blindness and Cure Disease.

NOTE: Druids also have access to Cure Blindness since they already had Cure Disease.

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