The Ya’papo nomads roam the prairies. Some tribes lazily on horseback, others solely by the power of their own legs. Their distaff brethren, the Ya’kamo litter the steppes on ponies and the Ya’konow trek across the deserts wadi and dunes aback bactrian camels. All three sister cultures love the open air and are seldom seen indoors or within walls of permanent towns. Known as fair and frugal traders, their ancestral lands are fiercely defended when trespassed by any size of foreigner trespassers. Most intelligent people agree that this is the only way to get any two Ya tribes to cooperate. Their xenophobia is legendary.

In her second decade, Amys, a daughter of the Imram Ya’papo, was besotted by the delicate features but fierce mien of an Elven warrior bonded to a mysterious sage that successfully haggled passage through Imram held lands. As her father escorted the sage and his retinue, the two shared a secret night of forbidden passion. Leaving Amys with a secret gift from the wind spirits, Gaul her winsome son. Gaul’s grandsire Jheran taught him the ways of the bargain, negotiation and trade however by his second decade Gaul had enlisted with the Stone Dogs.

The Stone Dog’s are a warrior society of the Ya that patrol far across the Nomad prairies keeping the grasslands secure from trespassers. Most young fighters of the Ya tribes serve in warrior societies during their young adulthood. The ranging bands of fighters create the larger sense of Ya culture and shared purpose. During an early long range patrol, Gaul learned of the legendary power of the wind spirit Pazzuzeus and how to enlist his aid by calling out his name. In his ignorance, Gaul took the demon lord’ name as an off handed swear not realizing the power it would have over his mind and soul. One night, in the heat of ecstasy while laying with Scout Colinda, Gaul exclaimed “Pazzuzeus” breathless three times. His climax felt like no other. It washed over him as if showered by a sheet of overly warm water. Feelings and thoughts sharply changed.

His life seemed to be a waste of time up till then. How could he ever have thought wandering from one end of Ya land to the other could ever amount to more than a broken back and sore feet? There were more important things to do in this life but he couldn’t exactly state how. This void of comprehension in his thoughts, spurned Gaul to abandon his society, family and future. He wandered into the wilderness one afternoon. Over the years, his name was forgotten by most save his mother and grandsire.

After a decade long vision quest, Gaul returned to the world of sentient peoples. Now in his fourth decade, he is confident of his covenant with Pazzuzeus. Of his own role to make a world free from verdant canopies. A world where the great wind spirit’s eye bears witness over all of his suzerain. From lofty clouds stretching from one shining shore to another, the wind spirit shall witness then judge. The Ya already bask in wind spirit’s countenance. Gaul’s work is beyond the Ya. It is out there, in the lands of storied Dulmar that need him.

DM note - Pazzuzeus is the Demon Lord Pazuzu, MM II page 41

Joined the order of Truth and took up workship of The Justice Maker.

Went west with Otiben and Ssthak to The Necropolis in search of the Phylactery of The Necromancer.

Now an NPC.

Ya Nomads

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