An orc of the Bloody Fist orc tribe that the party (Chesty) charmed in Session 31. The party encountered a group of 15 orcs taking a chest of 1,000 gp to Grog as tribute.

Grignak and one other orc were the survivors and the other orc would not relent and accept the foul elf Gaul as his master, so he was killed.

They bound Grignak and brought him to Farthorpe where he was charmed the next day. He told the party that they got 1,000 gp from smaller orc tribes and goblins not allied with Grog. Only the Black Hand is a larger orc tribe.

The Bloody Fist tribe is about 2 days Northeast of where they found the 15 orcs with the chest.

The party also learned that the female druid has some sort of agreement with Grog to leave the humans in Farthorpe Valley alone.

Once the party learned all they could from Grignak, they took him outside of town and killed him and dumped his body in a hole dug by the gold seekers.

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