Hanagan the Red

Hanagan the Red - Wizard.

A recent resident to Farthorpe following the earthquake and undead problem. Lives in a black stone tower that the populace gives a wide berth. The tower sometimes grows overnight. Assistant Dar Dar Az Ona.

The regional Thieves Guild based out of the neighboring barony to the East, the Barony of Pollish with headquarters in North Pollish, has had some sort of dealings with Hanagan and has offered the party a reward for information on what goes on inside his tower. The party has the impression it was not a friendly business and suspects they have some sort of agreement to leave each other alone.

His assistant Dar Dar Az Ona has always been the one to answer the door.

Hanagan's Writ

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Injured by a spellcaster saving Farthorpe from gobins in Session 67.

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