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Lennon Sheridan the druid mentioned to the party in Session 33 that Kalvix is a dragon whom she has negotiated with to keep Kalvix and Grog from raiding/bothering the people in Farthorpe Valley.

Kalvix lives in the hills south of the valley. The kobolds there work for Kalvix. Lennon said that Kalvix would not take kindly to the party wiping them out. For some reason, the Ettins eating them weren’t so big a concern to Kalvix.

Lennon is able to tip the balance should Grog or Kalvix move against the other.

No further details about Kalvix were given.

Kalvix is DEAD! Slain by the party in Session 65 due to Dinkgus Fastcrank’s deft wielding of the Medusa head.

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