Lands of the Seven Jarls

Lands of the Seven Jarls

Map acquired by the party in Session 43 from Old Gorm in Haven.

The majority of this map matches what they could acquire from a map seller, but Gorm sold them a map with text in Ancient Common/Drahnish that Stohagan translated.

Text on the Lower Left of Map:

The Ancient Chronicler writes that these lands were once part of the Great Sea, and the towns of the Lands of the Seven Jarls were islands in that sea.

In the Dark Times of war and chaos long ago, land and sea were broken. The sea drained away and the land thrust up leaving behind a vast desert with strange creatures left behind from the depths and the warping of the Wizard's Weave.

It is sad the The Necromancer was once a man like us, who learned to defy death. He was one of the last wizards left after these ancient wars. He became like one of The Powers and many flocked to worship him in those days of chaos.

He formed an amulet that bears his symbol and the one who could touch is and live would become his child. The Powers of Light ended his reign and sealed him in a tomb far to the East.

Text on the Lower Right of Map:

A great power of vile darkness roamed the land. The Powers of Light appointed a great warrior to carry the Holy Blade, and speak the Words of Binding. The line of that great warrior bears a mark indicating their true destiny. It is only one with that mark who can Renew the Binding. Should the lost Temple of Binding ever open, great evil will be unleashed. Those who bear the mark will be drawn near the Temple if it is in danger.

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