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Letter from Gamdet Masinbet

Letter from Gamdet Masinbet

Written in a shaky hand in gnome.

My Dear Pupil Dinkgus,

I knew I could count on you to “volunteer,” for a job for the Gnome Lord, as I told him you would.

We have kept word from spreading about a little problem to the South of Boram that could use your group’s particular abilities and your new found ally, which should be most useful in a fight.

A mated pair of dragons has set up in the swamp South of the peak called South Spire. I can tell you that I have been most busy using all my skills to keep word of this from spreading and causing panic.

It was most fortuitous for those miners in Boram to stumble upon ancient secrets recently.

You and your group are dragon killers, so this shouldn’t be too troublesome for you.

I believe the dragons have enlisted the small bands of ogres in the area to raid villages, towns, and travelers to increase their hoards. So be on the lookout for ogres, I’m sure that they can tell you the location of Athaxios’ lair. (Some say his mate is called Zuur.)

Slaying dragons is for the young, so go and do your old master proud!

Your Teacher,

Gamdet Masinbet Master Illusionist

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