A dimwitted caravan guard who came to town with the same caravan as the initial characters. They guarded Aghamore And Sons Merchant Company.

Mark occasionally adventures with them. Two other former caravan guards are currently with them: Rogan Beene & Olan Finnigin

He is keeping busy gathering Conleth Vail’s stray cattle unknown to Mark, this is gathering up the stray herds of Conleths’ fled or dead fellow farmers.

Mark has told tales of a two-headed giant, but no one believes him. See Ettins.

Mark was hired by Jorl to join them after their hear his tail of two headed giants. He leads the party to where he saw them and helps them slay them.

Mark then goes West with the party to the lands of the Sand Vikings. He is killed by a fireball in Session 59.

Chesty ordered Conleth to plan a festival in honor of Mark after getting control of the Fallen Paladin and Conleth Vail’s position, ownership, and wealth restored in Session 62.

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