The brazen, outspoken, and, fiery the words would be used to describe a smoldering inferno can also be used to characterize Olmnear. His inner fire has never dwindled nor flicker despite his harsh upbringing.

Olmnear was orphaned at a young age when a wandering horde of Orcs terrorized the small village his family occupied, in the midst of the brutality only Olmnear survived when his body was piled on heavy amongst the dead after a brutal head strike knocked him unconscious.

In the orphanage Olmnear was constantly getting himself into trouble; his impulsive and stubborn behavior led to him underachieving academically, getting into scuffles with others quite often, and getting caught stealing baked goods from the pantry. Had it not been for his innate ability to help in the kitchen and bake his wards would have written him off.

Thus when he was of age he set off into the world with ovens lit. Olmnear started as a baking apprentice from the biggest bakery in his city and his natural skills led to one of the shortest apprenticeship his baking instructor has experienced. After achieving a high level for the skill Olmnear opened his own bakery which was an immediate success he was able to live his life in relative comfort. For once in his life Olmnear felt he could relax.

That feeling would be short lived though because although his life had taken a comfortable turn his higher purpose would soon reveal itself. One night at his bakery Olmnear peered into the huge baking oven to inspect some goods he had planned to sell, when he noticed something; the face of the most beautiful female he had ever see rose in the form of flames from his oven and spoke to him. She said “Light the path for those around you, light the path for Pyrognix!”. This lit a fire unto Olmnear and he knew immediately what his purpose in life was, to serve the Matron of the Hearth and Pyre!

He gathered all his belongings, sold them and searched for a Temple of Pyrognix to join. After a lengthy tenure of service at the temple, Olmnear decided the needed to step out into the world and light the path for his Matron and set the world Ablaze! But before leaving, the temple saw how strong his devotion to Pyrognix is and decided to entrust with them a holy artifact known as a matchlock, the matchlock is a masterpiece and won’t be replicated as it is a testament to Pyrognix’s strength.

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