Player Session 39

Player Session 39

See Also Session 39

We spent all night identifying the items, (If you can call it that, really what do we know till we try them?). I woke up, pissed, MurderFace had eaten something here becuase he seemed quite content and had his “I just murdered something” Face on. We all gathered around, we where going to all draw from the deck that had been calling our name, but typically, Gaul the Great (in his own mind) had objections to sharing it. If he wasnt so effective at what he does he’d be even harder to bear. Also,….he does come through when he’s needed. So we draw lots, that should have been my sign. My Mother used to curse me for being hated by the Fates, today made me think she wasnt just a hateful shrew,(she was a hateful shrew, but maybe that wasnt ALL she was). Lots be damned, I draw last. First thing to go was the Deck, that surprised me, but the gnome does have that was about him. Second was the trident,…no one asked why a trident was in the middle of the desert, but Gaul is a man of confusion at the best of times. Then it went rather quickly, the Fly (which I thought would be number 1 or 2) did not last the round (or to me), nor did the book of intellect (should have taken that hint too). Surprisingly, the hole remained unclaimed until my pick came up,….so I took it. After that things got weirder. I ended up with a Magic sword AND a magic Axe (I don’t know either). But I was sorely tempted to use one of them when Dinkus broke his last pick on the ground to spite Gaul (I understand wanting to spite Gaul, he’s an annoying twit, but breaking a potion just made part of me die, [fortunately for Dinkus it must have been the part that was going to kill him]). Then…..The Deck, I had heard rumors, heard it whispered what such decks could do, and could not believe I had the luck to find one, especially this early in my career. The rumors said that the fates where balanced on these decks, and for the others who picked they where, though the stink of one makes it arguable. For me though, of for me…..3 cards, 3 punishments,I lived. So there’s that, but I am definitely lessened for the experience. We then traveled on in the Viking’s ships. They say we have now entered the lands of the Lizard Folk, I have a plan for the enormous amount of copper coins we have found… We came across a ruined sand ship, we ended up killing the largest sand worm we have seen yet ‘splitters’ the Vikings call them. The group, crew and hirelings made short work of it when it charged the ship. Such short work I am not sure the effectiveness of my newest spell on them. My theory proved true! Inside the gullet of the giant worms I found 5 large gems. The others combed a few gold pieces worth of coin out the wreck. Now it is time to move on once again. The Captain warns that etiquette among the Lizard men is likely to be strange for us, he says to watch his men, before we proceed. I look forward to the challenge.

– Chesty 2020-07-27 06:10 UTC

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