Player Session 40

Player Session 40

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We pull up to the red Lizardmen! (Cronicles by Chesty)

Kagnar the Captain of my vessel has a whole series speech rituals we have to observe while speaking to the Leader. I have no Idea how to say his name (sounds like hissing through a mouthful of stones) and tried to talk minimally. Gaul went a different way. After that we all had to make tribute, it was a token gesture that was done with nicety and graciousness from our host. The Leader said he will fight against the Necromancer, he said our coming was foretold by the birth of a 3 eyed lizard. We spent an uneventful night and departed with one of the Lizardfolk and his flightless bird mount. This Lizardfolk (Ssthak) is to serve as a Diplomat to Kagnar’s people in dealing with the Necromancer, he is apparently responsible for Ssthak’s safety.

On our first day out We come across a rock outcropping, with an abandoned ruin, we are still within Red Lizardfolk lands, but Ssthak says that our investigating would not be a problem, as he thinks it is a ancient human tomb. Gaul finds himself in the awkward position of not being able to carry all of his possessions…..I find this amusing. He ends up giving one of his shields to Jorl. Dinkus also is trying to buy Canis’s magic fly, he offers 5,ooo gp in gems for it. Canis is unsurprisingly not too enthusiastic about the transaction, and declines.

The Stone “structure” resembles a domed beehive with a whole at the top and a collapsed portion on the east. There is an open sarcophagus on the Eastern side. I fly up and peer through the hole in the top as Gaul and Dinkus move to the crumbled side. There is a dead guy in the sarcophagus, in full armor, so naturally we are moving in to loot. Dinkus waves the dead guy’s mace around, I’m thinking we are about to get attacked by a Shipnx. I am nervously watching the sky and desert as my two companions ‘pay their respects to the dead’ while I wait. Looks like armor, Mace, a wand and a bunch of coins.

Lot of lion tracks but no lion,…..Because Flying lions with shooting ass spikes is so much better…..I need better eyes in the future, the 4 beasts got too close to us before I saw them, one of them hit me as I tried (unsuccessfully obviously by the tear in my tunic) to move out of it’s sight. I was able to slow 2 of them on the ground before diving into the “hive” to get away from the flying cat of death and ass spikes. I should have took the magic bracers of armor from the pile o loot. I’m sure everyone in every party has thoughts like these in the moment. With plugging the Eastern hole with fighter and the Ships taking care of the one who clawed me (He’s now a very nice [but holey] rug) we where able to pour enough magic and cuts into the beasts to leave them all blinded and bleeding when we finally dispatched them.

We mages both finished one with magic missiles and Jorl slayed the last one, I did get a good lick in with my sword also, I think I will continue studying swordplay for in the future, it could be useful, and I’ve become fond of it.

We ended up with a huge haul from the Hive. There was thousands and thousands of coins. Gaul says that the blueish ‘electrum’ pieces are worth half a gold. Mixed silver and gold he believes. The gems found where of little quality compared to what we have been finding but still enough for a farmer’s wages for a year anywhere we’d care to go. 23,000 coins in total. 7,000 in gold alone almost as much in Electrum, we’ll likely give the Vikings all the silver and the gems.

I was impressed with Ssthak’s mettle. And we could use the allies (especially myself) I have gifted him the Magic Axe that was mine from the Medusa lair, I am hoping this both helps with his interactions with the Vikings, and our friendship later.

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