Player Session 41

Player Session 41

See Also Session 41

As Written by Chesty

The group found a lion filled cave. I slept in. There was a pool at the back with a small opening in it. StoneHagen immediately put his feet in it. Which somehow attracted a bunch of sharks. Fortunately Jorl was able to scare them away with his seashell. Apparently it is a seashell of cave shark scaring?

I shrunk Dink and cast fly on him so he could explore the movement back to the small hole in the back of the pool, That’s how we discovered the hole in the first place. Dink came back with tales of giant tails.

I then suggested we scout out another entrance while he still had Fly active. Nothing comes of this reconnaissance.

We decided to wait the night and try again in the morning, The Vikings are reluctant, but have agreed. As night began to fall the mirage of a burning Sand Viking Ship burns huge on the horizon.

Chesty will start talking to his crew about how it must be an Omen indeed! An omen of a great Sand Ship crew that will rise into glory! Like the ashes of a Phoenix the crew’s tale of that sand ship will be Burned into history for all time! These tales seem to calm the crew.

As we settled down to sleep another pride of lions approached us (likely the same pride I think a returning hunting party). They are headed to the cave that we (the rest of the party) just killed the other lions. We took the one ship (The Soaring Eagle) around to cover the cave mouth entrance, Lion steak is good. We are about to get more.

I was wrong, We attacked them from the ships and they ran away, no more steaks. Gaul tried to get Sstak to swear allegiance to him in exchange for healing. I nipped that in the bud (not that SStak was having any of that shit anyway) by providing him with a “Honey Pot” Healing.

We decided to explore the hole, Canis expanded it, and a White Crocodile greeted us. Gaul took over talking to it and convinced us that it wouldn’t attack if we fed it. We fed it lions. After that Gaul, Dinkgus and myself went in and explored, there was another chamber with more Crocodiles, (females and young, certainly smaller). Dinkus explored and found another hole, from which came a huge beast of arms and whiteness like a giant octopus. We ran (swam), but it followed. We reached the beach we entered in and where able to kill it with lightning bolts (I was so cold I’m surprised I could cast). The Crocs then ate it with gusto and will likely be satisfied for years to come. Gaul swam back to the hole it came from and discovered a nest of coins. Now, how do we get it out?

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