Player Session 43

Player Session 43

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We arrive at the Capital of the Sand Vikings. Our Ship handled,……adequately? I may be having a bit of buyers remorse about this ship.

Gaul mentioned that the necklace that he took off the Medusa is no longer shining as brightly as it was. I’m not sure what that means.

I made a deal with Captain Burgher that everything OVER 10,000gp that he can get for our cargo he is awarded 10% of the excess. We decided to go check out the Golden Horn inn at the recommendation of The other 2 Captains. Dinkgus has agreed to make his sole legal Heir in exchange for me storing a Iron Chest of his inside my Portable Hole of Amazingness. I commissioned a special container for the Portable Hole of Awesomeness in the same area that Dink bought a couple of chests.

Dinkgus received a letter saying he owed 10,ooogp to “someone” he has decided to bait these people to kill them(?)

After arriving at the “Golden Horn” I challenged the bar to a test of the best tale, winner takes a bottle of Whisky I purchased. Got 3 people to take me up before the winner. 2 where jokes and one was an old tale of the Necromancer’s time. The Winner was another adventurer, he lost his fellows (6?) during the great EarthQuake. Undead where unleashed and a great beast was unleashed and through the tears he told us the demise of his Sister. He claims he was near Farthorp when it happened. He was (surprisingly) the winner and claimed his bottle. Radan BrightFlame was the winner. He claims to have walked across the great sand sea, I am doubtful at this claim. He claims to have followed the Undead back to the Temple of Binding. He claims there was an “annoying creature”. Claims while running from the Temple of Binding he met a Tentacled “Demon” that took his sister is a flash of light. The “Winner” seems very upset and determined to drink himself to death at the loss. I have given him a ultimatum, he can keep drinking and abandoned his sister, or he can sober up and prepare himself for the coming battle. After buying him a meal and telling him to sober up and come to the Sand Witch at Noon if he wants to fight on the side of Light, Stohagan and I retired.

Dinkgus left his bait chest on the table, it was not there when we came down in the morning. Nor was Dinkgus. Hopefully there is not news of an arrest of a dwarf waiting for us. Dinkgus walked in holding his chest, no arrests have yet been made.

I asked the Barkeep about sages and Wizards in town. He directed us to Gorm the Grey. I asked after the habits of Gorm, and it turns out he has a particular taste for an unpopular spiced Ale. I bought the barkeeps remaining stock and hired his possibly soft-headed stable boy to help us deliver it. I tried to inspire the boy but his soft-headed ways might be irreversible. And we met Gorm the Grey, he is very happy at the Ale, but he made immediate inroads with Dinkgus by knowing the difference between a dwarf and a gnome.

We then entered into the delicate dance of who knows what. Gorm is most certainly NOT just the old dottering man he appears to be. He seems quite aware of the different stories about the Sealing of the Necromancer. He is also keen on news of the Necromancer. Dinkgus informed us while we where talking to Gromm that Radan is the “chosen one” with a birthmark of the scales of Justice. Gromm wanted to sell us some map for 3,ooo gp. I arranged for us to be able to buy 10ooogp worth of items off him and he throws the map in for “free”. This type of exchange should keep him flush for the remainder of his life.

We have secured a Map written in Old Common, talking about the Necromancer.

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