Player Session 44

Player Session 44

We have determined that the drunk might in fact be “the Chosen One”,…..Mother will be so disappointed, she’d likely cackle with delight but she’d act disappointed. Now it is apparently our job to help him bind the necromancer and cronies back into the Temple,…..or something. More immediate goals are getting him a bath and talking to the High Jarl. I am not overly optimistic about either. Though after Stonehagen’s feet thing, I’m pushing for the bath kinda hard. The sand ships aren’t that big. Upon learning that the Drunk Radan might be the chosen one of legend, Gaul immediately wants to assault him, kidnap him. I’m tempted to let him go, it could be amusing. Upon meeting Radan, Gaul quickly changed his tune. Became almost supplicating in that oily way of his. It is amazing how someone can be both bootlicking and still ‘superior’ when they meet the person they where planning to hurt. We (Dinkgus and I) didn’t let Gaul get away with his revised history of events. We mentioned the shackles, Dinkgus threw them up on board, and they decided to go at each other, Halberds, the long axed things they both carry. It wasn’t even a thing, Radan smacked Gaul almost before Gaul realized his mouth was about to break him off more then he can chew. The Vikings we traveled with arranged to meet us at the Sand Witch at 16:00 to go see the High Jarl. Gaul is not having none of this “High Jarl” bullshit, he is going to follow Radan around town……It might be puppy love, we aren’t sure at this time. Maybe getting wacked in the face with a long stick by another man is what he has been missing in his life…….

Dinkgus decides to draw his accusers out by setting up in the middle of a town thoroughfare. They shoot a message into the crate, it is more of the same. Gaul and Radan run up into the crowd of guys that apparently shot the arrow, and started a fight with them. Radan knocked them all out, all at once, it made me want to see Gaul get to try his plan even more. Gaul killed one…..because…….he was there, we took the Bow wielder with us and are holding him on the SandWich, he accuses Dinkgus of fucking them over on a theft job. We still have to meet the High Jarl so the local “Theif King” will have to wait until tomorrow.

And we meet the High Jarl!

Lot of Talk about the Necromancer, where the Son is, lies about our abilities, lies about their abilities, mentioning about the Horde, the dirty dirty horde. We are invited to a banquet and then dismissed. We where then shown to the SandViking “Bathroom” which is basically an indoor shrubbery and,…..sand. Because,………SANDvikings. Gorm attends and we introduce him to Radan. Not awkward at all,………..not a bit…….

Dinkgus disappeared, I’m sure that that isn’t foreboding, he wouldn’t cause a scene here,……at the Jarl’s banquet………He wouldn’t do that……He totally did it, I know he did it, He doesn’t have that kind of self control. But apparently no one noticed, so…….

The Party ended with Burning ships coming from another town. We have decided to leave for the town effected in the morning to see if the stories of flesh eating bugs, and walking skeletons is true.

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