Player Session 45

Player Session 45

Session 45 We have gotten word that we are going to have to face a huge horde of undead in our very near future. So we have decided to arrange to meet the City’s Clerics in the morning for ‘Undead fighting supplies’, I have also mentioned that we have a mace that hasn’t been identified that might be useful against undead. We have decided to see if Gorm can give us more insight, he says that it is merely well enchanted, no special undead properties.

I pick up my cylinder from the Blacksmith and we return to the ship.

There is a discussion on wether or not to hit Dinkgus’s problem tonight or wait until the morning. Tonight, of course we are doing it tonight. Say what you will about us, we don’t fuck about making shit happen.

We have entered the Golden Horn once again, and Gaul has decided to Gaul it out to draw Torg out. That didn’t take long, upon seeing Torg immediately attacked, and that kicked off that,………..

We tried to subdue Torg, Immediately got stabbed in the back for my trouble, This reminds me why I try to keep out of combat usually. I was able to turn around and hit him with my sword (thank you Gaul for those lessons). We take the bodies back to the Sand Witch, we convince (Through our charming dialect) to lead us to where Torg stays.

Upon arriving we quickly dispatched the remaining occupants we proceeded to loot the place. It was very profitable. Gems and Gems.

We made our way back to the ship to find that Gaul’s spell knocked out a guy trying to rob us. He didn’t make it through the night, terrible accident.

I had my appointment with the Clerics, got my mind fixed, much clearer headed. We bought out all the potions they’d sell us, and all their scrolls. Dinkus went big money and paid for all the potions, I didn’t complain.

We then went to a silver smith’s and got the bastard’s skull who stabbed me silvered, I am very happy. Gaul came back after visiting Gorm telling us about Trog’s former possessions that where magical, so we are accumulating quite the magical armory.

Gaul’s account

The flaming ship vision followed by the influx of refugees spurns a flurry of debate among the party. After expanding Chesty’s agenda with the Haven Holy men for the following day, we conclude our war council at the Sandwhich. Instead of confronting Dink’s tormentor on the morrow, our prisoner suggests Torg can be found at the Golden Horn tonight. At the Horn, a fight is precipitated by Gaul announcing a challenge into the room. Quickly Torg, Luxo and Vos are subdued. Jorl snuffs the dwarf Torg then Chesty takes the head of Luxo. The gaze’s will holds Vos as Chesty terrorizes him with Luxo’s severed head. Vos reveals Torg’s lair. We assault the lair, subdue the guards and loot Torg’s valuables, including his writing desk, supplies and records. The records explain how Torg’s gang was double crossed by a Con-dwarf that absconded with some 10,000 gp worth of jewels that would have been their ‘Big’ score. The case of the mistaken dwarf ended with Torg’s life and things belonging to a perfectly anonymous gnome and his excitable pals. Later, at the Sandwhich, another Torg gang member is trapped in Gaul’s warding. This one explains Torg sent him to investigate our stash before Chesty skewers him to death. The next day Haven holy men restore Chesty’s mind and accept donations for potions and scrolls. Stohagan and Gaul haggle with Gorm to divines the capabilities of the items we liberated overnight. He explicitly implies he knows what we did last summer. Two hours past noon the fleet embarks west while the Fire Mountain has rumbled the earth and smeared the western sky for the better part of the sunlight hours today.

Dinkgus’ Write Up

well i think this party is well put together.

i think no matter what task Gaul and i put them to, it will be done and done well.

i cant believe i drew a personal assassin out of that deck. i for sure thought i would get riches out of it…………well i suppose the riches did come.after a little bit of work. heh.

so now the yarl wants us to go scout ahead to see what that necromancers son did to that town all the refugees came from….. and that flaming ship in the sky its just bizarre, any way the outcome of torg was a bit different than i thought would happen, but Jorl definitely made the right call to end the threat here and now. and that lead to hitting up the guild house so there was no one left to follow through with the plan of killing me., even if i come across another Deck like that i don’t think ill be messing with that again. the ripples through time is just a bit much for my little brain to comprehend…. but it is done. and now our plans are layed out ahead of us. according to gorm we have the ket for the temple of binding. and we are now on our way to deal with the necromancer and an undead army. well if i die chesty will benefit…hhahahha

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