Player Session 47

Player Session 47

Session 47

Happy Birthday Larry!

After night in town, we reported the happenings and bought some sails. After a brief discussion we decided against hiring more ‘Sandrines’ to fight with us on the ship, as they don’t seem to be excellent fighters around these parts.

Stop at the Temple to give them some of our hard earned bloody gold, I think they don’t like Dinkgus because I’m not sure the first spell they soaked him for didn’t seem to do much. And at 400gps a pop, I expected more. That’s like 3 years of money for these Sand Farmers here. It’s Qual shit is what it is. And 400gps of Qual shit is a lot of shit!

I’m not taking any chances this time, as soon as we got close to where Flying Horse fucker appeared last time, I cast Invisibility on myself right there. Not taking another Crossbow bolt from that asshole for free.

We pull up to Cliff Crest and decide to ride the last couple miles. We get to the harbor and start to see small groups of undead. I tied my qual out in the ‘bay’ (its sand remember) and walk in the rest of the way. Dinkgus used his magic fly again to scout ahead, he reports the obelisk is down, and that there are groups of undead wandering around. I removed my brazier from the portalble hole, and lit it on the end of the dock. I used the sulfer/coal mix that I had prepared before and lit it up. I was happy with the results, I think he looks more robust and burning hotter then he was before. I gave him instructions to kill all undead he finds but to stay within sight of the downed obelisk, figuring that that is where most of the action will be.

The rest of the party set out, I’m on overwatch, The Elemental (Hugo I’ve named him), is just swatting the fuck out of all these skeletons, that being said, every skeleton in the city seems drawn to Hugo, doesn’t seem like he’s being effected, except to be happy(?) burning everything.

Dinkgus flew off to scout the Jarl’s Palace, the rest of the party didn’t want to wait, and headed towards the temple. It wasn’t long until Dinkgus came flying back but in his wake he had that fucking horse! No rider though, That might be good. I call the fire elemental back towards me, I have a thing I want to try, It WORKED! The Hugo is HUGE!

The others had just reached one of the other docks, they have a bunch of people with them, ask about that later. The Horse man is coming back! Hugo swipes at him, Dinkgus and I stand our ground and cast, the rest of them flee with the other people,……. I don’t hate those guys, but we are talking about this at the next company meeting. Dinkgus cast a spell and knocked the two to the ground. The Horse does not get back up, and the others returned in a run. Spells fly, and the brave BRAVE Sir Jorl runs in and kills the incapacitated knight.

Dingkus Flew off like a madman, it was a minute or so before he came flying back, he informed us that there where 3 ogres chasing him, I sent my Fire elemental after the Ogres, but he must have been about done, because the fire didn’t last long after that. Hugo did his job and I was proud of him, I take to the air to fight the Ogres. These Ogres seem immune to spells, Canis changed into a bear but for some reason ran off after smacking one of them. He was a Really big at the time, for some reason (maybe from me pulling out my sword?). And then I have to attack, with my sword, Fortunately I have been practicing for just such an occasion. Had to get a few practice swings in but then I got some solid blows in.

The Ogres where defeated, We then searched the town, the Jarl’s was trashed, we then searched the Temple, cleaning it up, found nothing of interest, no other survivors. We returned to the ships.

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