Player Session 48

Player Session 48

Session 48

While we were back on the ship explaining things to Gaul (apparently he was REALLY sleepy) the huge burning ship image came again, rising out of the ruins of the city, it then turned into a huge flaming skull that fled off into the night towards Haven.

Gaul sent his bird to Haven with a message, we’ll see if they heed the advice to combine all the towns as a unified defense against the “Son of the Buggerer”. The wind has died, we have little choice but to wait.

Apparently during the night the wind picked up and we are underway. So much to do in such a very little time, I wonder how things in Farthorp fare. Conelyth had best be taking care of the Inn. Gaul came in while I was scraping flesh from the Champion and feeding it to the Sand Worm. He cast a spell to talk to flying McFuckface’s spirit and ask him about why they toppled the Obelisk in CliffPort(view? Doesn’t matter much I sposse, it is gone now). Apparently the ‘Horde’ is afraid of the Obelisks, and they will follow the Leader who can topple them.

Gaul does some more Sky Dick Magic to learn about what is going on in Haven. Apparently it is raining there. Which is good(?). Apparently Sky Dick wants a dead camel as part of his answering requirements. He didn’t eat it, its still here, we ate it. My worm is well fed, have to get a bigger barrel soon. Gaul was right, Sky Dick came through, it has rained in Haven. We go see the High Jarl, the more I deal with this fool the more I feel that letting them all die might be the right way to go. If it wasn’t for the massive influx of undead that it would add to the Necrofuck’s army. Fucking mental deficients, these people have been in a closed society for too long. I think their family trees have been bending back on themselves for too long and too often.

I went to see Gorm, got our items identified, except the Armor, he wouldn’t touch that, but the rest of it is pretty nice, I explained the entire happenings to Gorm suggesting that maybe the Obelisks have a deeper set of abilities then just being tall. This seemed to be new information that he had not considered before (this is the smartest guy here remember). He thinks after he rests and has a Sand Bath and a tug he might look into it. We slept, divided loot (hurray…….) and then decided to fuck around for another day I made 2 more Continual Light Coins (hurray……..) The rest of the party went to fuck off with the temple idiots again. Apparently they have helped negate Flyee McFuckFaces armor, (hurray……………….)

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