Player Session 52

Player Session 52

Gaul’s Account

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The party retires to the Sand Which after Jorl Benthral and Gaul Stonedog examine the ruins of the Lamia mausoleum for secret or concealed compartments, which there appears to be none. A vast rumbling from the north presages another eruption from Fire Mountain. A plume can be seen rising beyond the northern horizon. The wind has stilled so the fleet is stuck alongside the Lamia ruins and the northern plume doesn’t waft in any direction. The party decides to rest and recover spent spell power.

Canis Mallory mounted on a Quall along with Gaul Stonedog, Radan Brightflame and Stohagan Wisedrifter on war camels conduct a patrol while the others rest with the windlocked fleet. The patrol strikes out south along their original path of travel. Stohagan Wisedrifter tasks Owlbert to fly above the patrol as an aerial scoute. A Bird Called Hawk agrees to fly as Owlbert’s escort. After about a mile away from the fleet, Owlbert spots a squad of quall outriders bearing down on the patrol. Upon hearing the report, Radan Brightflame with Gaul Stonedog’s urging rides back to alert the fleet.

The outriders set upon the remaining vanguard without hesitation. They are all slowed, riders and mounts, by Stohagan Wisedrifter as Gaul Stonedog calls on the Gaze Above to protects himself from evil. As the riders closes their fetid crypt like stench threatens to overwhelm the defenders. Riders and mounts are undead, the riders are reminiscent of ghouls but their stench marks them for ghasts and the mounts are skeletal gualls.

The bite of the qualls are poisonous. A nip at Stohagan Wisedrifter brings on aches and pains affecting his chance to strike blows. Surprisingly, Gaul Stonedog’s calling on the Gaze Above fails to coerce the undead to His cause. Instead the skeletal qualls either crumble to dust or flee from Gaul Stonedog as mountless riders flee as if from a goodly Power. Canis Mallory thrusts and parries with Desert Thorn, however a lucky quall strike makes him sit still in his saddle. His foe then wrests the reigns from Canis Mallory’s flacid hands and leads his quall away from the fight. Stohagan Wisedrifter sets Owlbert to follow so Canis Mallory isn’t lost for good.

Within minutes the Ghast attack is broken, slowed and many fleeing allows Gaul Stonedog and Stohagan Wisedrifter to disengage at will and close with Canis Mallory’s abductor. Simulatneously, Radan Brightflame alerts the fleet prompting the other party members to action. Leaving GaksFinger behind, Campion Renalan has the Justice Maker protect from evil before vaulting into a quall saddle, Jorl Benthral mounts behind Dinkgus Fastcranks on his magical fly as Chesty Puller launches in to the air beside them. The Defender Longsword severs Canis Mallory’s reigns allowing Stohagan Wisedrifter to lead Canis Mallory to safety. The abductor and mount are dusted by the Gaze above.

Canis Mallory is revived by Neutralize Poison as the other party member descend upon the fleeing ghasts that now move at normal speed. Dinkgus Wisedrifter peppers the last survivor with a whole quiver to take it down. The party assembles after the fight, policing the bodies as Chesty Puller flies above us scanning the horizon. He witnesses a column of undead heading for the fleet with us in the middle. Chesty Puller lights a fire within his Brazier floating on a Tenser’s Floating Disc summoning George the Fire Elemental. George is sent marching towards the undead troops. There are two dozens, one following the other, both lead by a mounted leader.

The undead mounted leader turns from George, moving around to engage the party following the elemental. Moving faster than the party, it bypasses George and Gaul Stonedog, to descend upon the other party members. It’s appearance stirs fear and revulsion on those looking at it. Campion Renalan, Canis Mallory and Dinkgus Fastcrank look upon the Mummy and succumb, gripped still by their fear. Their mounts are unaffected, however Jorl Benthral is stranded on Dinkgus Fastcrank’s masterless fly, circling above the party. The mummy fails to strike Canis Mallory with its bare hands and its undead quall can’t bite our fearful Druid. It’s undead mount is laid low by the Defender Longsword. Chesty Fuller strikes the Mummy with a Lightning Bolt. Radan Brightflame fells the Mummy with his magical longsword.

Campion Renalan and Gaul Stonedog turn to the undead column beset by George. The pair of Clerics call on the Justice Maker and the Gaze above respectfully, dissolving first a gang of skeletons struggling against George then a gang of ghouls. Relieved from his Fear, Dinkgus Fastcrank alerts the party that the forwardmost sandship, the SandSplitter is engaged in combat. Chesty Puller flits above the party, covering the others as the free members select a fearful member and lead their mounts back towards the fleet. One after another the fearful recover their senses. Chesty alight upon the mummy remains discovering a Symbol of the Necromancer Control Amulet. He is admonished by the other party members as he deposits the Control Amulet and a length of the mummy’s arm into his portable hole.

When the party returns to the fleet, the SandSplitter crew is victorious with the loss of four hands. Gaul Stonedog decides to complete the patrol route before returning to the Sandsplitter. Dinkgus Fastcrank joins, flying above similar to Owlbert’s role. The patrol is uneventful and yields no new discoveries. The other party members are resting to recover spells when the two return. Still stranded by the wind, they decide to recover spells also.

Session 52

According to Chesty

After beating the Lion/Horse/Woman we split the loot and give the lair one last search around. We find nothing. I feed the Lamia to Grak and then have him return to the ship. When we return to the ships, they have been becalmed. I work with Grak on learning Trollish words and counting. Gaul, Radan, Stohagan and Canis decide to go out “on Patrol”, despite clear signs that we should rest and then do things, If they die, we will have a hard time looting them.

Radan comes heroically back crying about undead attacking the “patrol”. Good thing they didn’t wait until morning………………. I cast Fly and then grab hold of Radan to have him lead us back. We came to where they were fighting to see ghouls? Fast Zombies? Homeless people? After the homeless cannibals where dealt with another two groups of them. They had a Mummy, all wrapped in bandages leading them, I called up George my Fire elemental, and started laying into them, after copious turning by the God Slaves everything settled down. After a copious amount of whining I separated the Medallion the Mummy was carrying and took one of his arms. Then we return to the ships. The Sand Vikings proved to continue to not be very useful 6 of them died from undead storming the ships.

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