Player Session 53

Session 53

Session 53 According to Chesty See Also: Session 53

We have continued towards the Necropolis, foolishly, we came across another Domed structure in the desert, The rest of the party went to explore, but I being assured of no loot inside and being of poor constitution decided to sleep. The group came back with fantastical tales of chests that eat you ect ect. I am assured that they are being melodramatic. They all lived without my help so it must not have been too bad. We sail on, we go to camp and Dinkgus flies on ahead to “scout” no doubt he’ll come back with stories of “clouds who eat you”.

I took Dinkgus’s watch and “Sand Squids” attack us during it, because,……….The ones above must hate me. Apparently they attack in packs because one of them isn’t scary enough, The “whole let’s help with watch” thing might have saved us all. We Harvest the ink sacks, beaks and two of the tentacle ends. And then decided to try to find the lair of these squids.

Dinkgus returns and reports, I would have rather had the eating clouds in the desert. HE says that it looks like the Necropolis is inhabited and by beings that use fire, which,……..hurray. We could be fighting a host of desert nomads

Gaul’s Account

Captains Burgher, Kagnar and Kolgar come to the party concerned their fallen crew might reanimate as undead similar to our initial confrontation with the Son of the Necromancer. Gaul Stonedog suggests feeding the remains to GaksFinger. After some discussion, Campion Renalan offers to conduct a ceremonial burial which will protect the corpses from evil for a week. The party agrees to intern the dead within the Lamia crypt and shore up the ruined walls. Campion Renalan augmented the crypt with a Glyph of Warding calling on the Way of Virtue and Path of Truth by etching a scale as his glyph. The sand vikings place a silver coin etched on both sides with scales in the mouths of the dead. These arrangements are completed that afternoon after the spellcasters have rested. After the funeral, a highflying Roc is noticed far in the distance.

The winds are still then rise from the southwest the next morning. The Gaze Above sends omens into Gaul’s dreams after he fantasized sacrificing a ROC to the Gaze Above. All the evil winged fantastic beasts slain by his hands assault him as undead. Disregarding his Turning, they rend him limb from limb. Gaul consults his Magic Phylactery four times and deduces evil flyers are not suitable sacrifices for the Gaze Above. Stohagan Wisedrifter identifies Campion Renalan’s Temple of Binding armor and both his holy symbols. He learns the armor is +2 and that Holy Symbols of Truth or Justice have an affinity for protecting, guarding, warding or sealing. Not quite the same powers Zho Ni described in his vision…

To avoid further traffic between the Necropolis and Fire Mountain, we set our first course due west then turn south towards the Necropolis keeping enough sand to our starboard to maneuver. Another domed ruin, this one made of bricks and slightly buried in sand drifts, is found on the leg south. The party and Radan Brightflame investigate. Within, the party is fooled by a mimic posing as a partially opened sarcophagus. Dinkgus Fastcrank is struck by its pseudopod and within minutes is dragged within. The party pummels on the mimic desperate to save their companion only to be sprayed by its gelatinous flesh as Dinkgus Fastcrank aloft his Ebony Fly erupts from the now dead mimic. The dome is otherwise empty. We board the ships and continue to the Necropolis the rest of the day. Dingkus Fastcrank stays mounted on the Ebony Fly all day, keeping watch from 60’ above the Sand Which’s main mast.

That night the fleet is surprised by three giant sand squids, each assaulting a sand ship. Their tentacles flay about snatching sand vikings from the deck whenever they strike. No crew is spared, each ship loses hands during the fight. Chesty Puller begins our defense by lighting the night with a lightning bolt. This rouses the sleepers and they join in. Within minutes the lumbering squid are slain. Canis Mallory, Chesty Puller and Gaul Stonedog harvest the carcasse for reagents. Gaul Stonedog fumbles his ink bladder extraction, dousing half his body in ink. The remaining two bladders yield about 5 gallons of ink.

Those crewmembers snatched by the squid are lost. This leaves Captain Kolgar’s ship with a skeleton crew and few men to fight with. The Sand splitter will trail the fleet with Kagnar’s Flying Eagle leading. The rest of the night is without incident. We now turn to finding the squids’ lair!

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