Player Session 54

Session 54

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According to Chesty

After battling the Sand Squid (huge fuckers, must be related to the one we found in the cave there) we decided that if they are related to the cave squid they likely have treasure. While butchering them to remove the ink sacks Gaul got the entire contents of one of the sacks all over him, I laughed, it was hilarious. Stohagan sent his owl out to recon the area, he found a rock outcropping north and west of us. Canis turned into a giant badger and started digging about and thinks they came from the direction of the rocky outcropping. I hack off several tentacles to feed Grak before we leave, he’s been eating nonstop since the fight ended, he’s like a teenage boy, he’s never NOT hungry.

At the rocky outcropping Gaul consulted SSThack about the habits of these creatures, SssThack said that this is the type of terrain that the squids are likely to lair into. So we begin our preparations to exploit our kills. We see what appears to be a depression/cave that sinks down into the sands, we array the ships to cover the slopping side of the depression and while I get ready to chum the waters with a tentacle, as soon as Gaul started coming down the slopping side, he was attacked by a much smaller sand squid, who started trying to drag him, Stohagan and Canis down into the sand. Stohagan is learning a valuable lesson about why Spellcasters should not be in combat, I enlarge Grak and send him to go help out. Apparently that was not the only squid down here as another one attacks Jorl as Grak is coming down the slope to eat the tentacle I threw down there. It flails and hits his legs, apparently trying to drag him under like the big ones do. I killed the squid with a magic missle. Next Dink gets attacked and gets dragged under, I try to hem them in with a wall of Ice back into the hole that I think it would be going down. Grak is digging after Dink. We finally get Dink out, and begin excavations. Dink seems unaffected by his ordeal, the Wall of Ice shows us that there is definitely something shiny back in that cave, so we will dig them all out and see what we find. Grak while excavating the 3rd cave evidently was attacked by another squid, Grak simply picked it up and began eating it and then resumed digging. We found the Mother load! Jewelry, ancient coins and one more giant squid that came home.

We set out the next day and about 10:00 am we see the Horde for the first time!!

Gaul’s Account

The party discusses the merits of seeking the lair from hence the previous nights squad assault originated. Chesty ponders our ability to burrow below the sands. This prompts another fantastic shape change from Canis Mallory. He assumes the shape of a giant badger. Stohagan Wisedrifter strengthens Canis Mallory then enlists Owlbert in an aerial reconnaissance. A new outcropping of rock to the northwest is discovered. As the fleet is brought near, Ssthok of the Red Lizard people explains to the party that sand squids lair in rocky places. We discover a wide oblong depression opposite our approach to the outcropping.

We are set upon by more giant sands squids, six individuals, each on at a time as we explore the depression. Their thrashing tentacles dragging their victims below the sand to suffocate in the their strangling embrace. A potent foe escapes with Dinkgus Fastcrank into a cavern for well over 6 minutes! Fortunately, it’s flight is blocked by a timely sheet of ice in it’s path conjured by Chesty Puller. As Dinkgus Fastcrank wrestles with the beast to score a strike with his poisoned blade, an enlarged Canis Mallory flanked by GaksFinger, Gaul Stonedog and Jorl Benthal heave mounds of earth desperate to find the pair. Eventually Canis Mallory sniffs out his prey which dies quickly.

During Dinkgus Fastcrank’s abduction, Gaul attempted to influence the giant sand squid with his magical trident. It had no effect on the sand squids.

Scattered between three perimeter caverns within the depression a respectable amount of coin, jewels and jewelry is found and collected. Expecting the lair to now be uninhabited, we decide to keep the fleet in place and rest for spells. The rest is extended overnight when we realize the Necropolis is another half days sail to the south. If we set out the next morning we will arrive at the Necropolis at midday. However, the Soaring Eagle is beset by another giant sand squid returning home during the night. The crew deal with the intruder without the party’s assistance.

The fleet tacks against a southernly wind the morning we left the giant sand squid depression lair. After several hours a joint patrol of Horde mounted on Horde Beasts and giants is encountered on the dunes. The fleet changes course to engage, we fear our whereabouts will be reported to the Son of the Necromancer. We sail with murder in our eyers.

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