Player Session 55

Session 55

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According To Chesty

Session 55 The Horde comes to meet it’s doom.

And doom it has met. Jorl recently learned the spell Fireball, It was like a 2nd sun on the desert floor. After that it was really just mopping up, I almost felt bad for them. We lost a few crew but really it was like slicing through butter, ugly, stinking lizard riding butter. Until the fuckers started reanimating, into Zombies, I hate Zombies. Zombies died, we collected the amulets they had and burned all the bodies. It was a quick and bloody battle.

Gaul’s Account

The fleet turns towards the horde patrol in a shallow wedge with the Sand Which taking point. The horde beasts lunge at the bows, scrambling up the hulls to assault the crews. Jorl Benthral fireballs the mob before the Sand Which’s bow. Over twenty victims succumb to the heat and flame. Few make it on deck, they are repelled by the defenders. Dinkngus Fastcrank phantasmal force a squad of sand squid that ensnare a half dozen foes during the encounter. Two felled horde beasts are stabilized by Gaul’s men at arms and survive the fight. The Sand Splitter and Soaring Eagle deal with their foes and like ours, none survive.

During the fight, several downed Hordesman and Hordesbeast reanimate as undead. Once we realize this, the vikings and party remove the control amulets from the dead. This stops the reanimation. At the end, we collect their items into a pile then Canis Mallory detects magic discovering the control amulets, 50 copper and 1 gold from the Hordeleader, are the only magical items. Canis Mallory then removes the control amulets’ enchantment by dispelling their magic. Using another detect magic, Canis Mallory confirms the control amulets are simply coins now.

Since the spell casters are mostly spent, the party decides to rest before sailing to the Necropolis. Before resting, the remains of the Horde patrol are collected into a pile that Stohagan Wisedrifter webs then burns with their equipment stowed below the Sand Which’s deck. We will set sail for a safe harbor and rest to replenish spells. There is talk of winnowing down the fleet and attempting a clandestine infiltration of the Necropolis. We have the head of the Horde Leader to interrogate via speak with dead.

Stohagan writes Home

My sweetest sister Bella,

I know it has been some time since I have written to you. I am sorry for my absence and hope that mother and father are well. My travels have sent me far from the lands we know and I have gotten myself entangled in the worst predicament.

I was originally sent by the Wizard Council to find scrolls of the ancient world thought to be forgotten. With little knowledge of where to go, I had hoped to find those that seemed well traveled with winters past on their years. Guess my luck showed true, and boy did I find the lot.

Those that I travel with have shown great promise and strength, more than I have ever seen before. One controls fire as if it can speak with it, another changes form into the story book animals I used to read with you as a child, and yet another rides a fly the size of a small pony.

As goes with many of the things I find myself drawn to, I have been side tracked once again from my main focus. It seems there is a strong power, controlled by what they say is a man, that must be dealt with before I can continue on with my endeavour. An army has risen within the sands. I will spare you the dreadful details so as to not scare you too much, but I have seen the dead walk amongst us. This last encounter was a furious battle with many of men that seemed to have lost their last breaths only for them to return again. We draw closer to finding this evil, but the days ahead may be the age of dusk for some or all of us.

Bella, please know that I am of sound mind and aware that these words may bring fear into your heart. This may not have been the reason for my initial journey to the West, but is ever so important. My soul thought is that if these beings continue to roam freely they will surely head West. This must never happen. For the safety of our family and our legacy, I must endure.

Your fool of a brother,


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