Player Session 57

Session 57

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According to Chesty

Session 57 Do NOT trust the gnome to find traps. Both the spell book and the scroll case blew up. I took all that damage and the briefly saw Valhalla. Good times. There was some debate as to what we should do and how they knew we were here, ect ect.

We decide to go to the next obelisk North of us and repair that, with the added benefit of allowing us mages to rest and possibly get back some of our spells. After all that we fixed two more of the obelisks, and then decided to waste more spells charming the prisoner, fortunately had a scroll that had Charm Person on it, so I still have a full repertoire of spells. I begin to question the dirt ball lizard riding magic user, fortunately I’ve spent enough time around bar girls to know how to lie, Adar is his name. I pumped him for as much information as I could, it was like talking to a very slow child who you can’t tell if he is willingly misunderstanding you and you should smack him or if he’s bright just a bit round about. Eventually we get a full map sketched out, find out that the SoN hangs out in the temple on the Mountain Top most of the time, Canis returns and reports that when he approached the Temple they could see him despite his invisibility. They also immediately began shooting at him. So they can either see invisibility or…….. We decide to send Dinkgus and Campion ahead to the last obelisk on the fly, we sent them along with invisibility and our prayers as we watch a giant fly go off (I love that thing). We are taking the ships and following them heading for the Temple. We are accosted by some zombies in route but the Gawd Boys leaned over the side of the ships and screamed “Order of the Iron Turnip Esays!!” and make all the zombies fall apart (Gawd shit, I don’t know).

We then decide to assault the temple from above and begin ferrying people to above the Temple. Gaul and I go first. Gaul is seen and we are attacked by Ghouls(?) he turns them but it alerts the human guards (horde?), in a split second of discussion (and possibly poor judgment) I fly up and hold a rope to pivot Gaul into the humans. As I reread this, I know despite having lived through it, I will likely still not believe it, But it worked, Gaul swung down and cut one of the humans in half. He was then attacked, hit once and proceeded to twirl around like the lightfooted fairy he is he twirled around and killed 6 in one blow. Now he’ll never shut up. All this commotion caused several others to come running up the steps to our position. You’d think watching a heavily armed obviously gay man whip out his sword and slice 6 guys in half in one motion would dampen your enthusiasm to get close to that guy, but apparently the Son of the Necromancer’s guys all love the sword. LOVE the sword. In and out of their bodies,…….. Thee Gawd slaves are weird folk, but Gaul will shove his sword in and out of them all night apparently. I feel dirty watching parts of this. I have protected myself from missile fire and pulled out my Wand of Fear, it was effective against the first archer. Gaul steps back and turns some of the men he just killed. There are a lot of people up here, the other guys are going to be pissed when they get here and see we killed so many without them. We haven’t had a good fight in a couple of days. In the midst of this I see the Lift up the cliff have some sort of movement and I fly over there to see all the people effected by the Wand trying to climb down the rope and a few guards by the lift. It’s only like 5 or 600 ft to the valley floor so,….. There are also other guys coming out of some doors, I wanded the guards, I was unaware that it would make them scared enough to run right off the cliff,…..500ft…….now I’m curious if they will still animate after falling that far. After this I decide to cut the rope on the lift and got to see just how much splatter there is when they hit the floor below. It is a lot.

I then decided to try out Impregnator on Zombies, cut down two of them. Good day, and its almost dawn. I then went to the edge to see what was going on at the Necropolis. There is something about peeing off the edge of a 500ft cliff that makes you feel like a Man.

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