Player Session 58

Session 58

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According to Chesty

As we await Dinkgus to ferry the last of our party to mountain top I take out some Dust of Disappearance and carefully sprinkle it on me, as I anticipate both Dinkgus and the SoN arriving. The Others are doing something at the Mosaic, Stohagan has moved to assist them, so they should be alright. I peer at the skies. Dinkgus comes back and drops off Jorl. I wiat a few more minutes and see a force coming towards us, they stop and begin to ascend I wait and cast fireball, they die, the carpet is destroyed. There was a lull, Stohagan says he see someone coming from the North, I wait a bit and then head up there. I fly up to see what is going on, and there are 4 people who have gained the summit, The battle is fierce and I see what I can do. What followed was a magic battle like I have never seen. Stohagan and Canis where incapacitated after attacking, The SoN’s allies had something that negated all magic, the twins where hidden and casting form the sides. It was a hard fought battle and the SoN teleported out and behind us at one point. I had used my Dust of Disappearance before all of this started so when I realized he was behind me I hit him with Magic Missiles and then charged him with the Impregnator!. I scored a hit, everything was silent I think one of the Clerics cast a spell. The SoN flew over the edge as Gaul and Stohagan came charging down the steps, I followed and after hitting him twice saw him go limp and start to fall. I grabbed his body and flew it back up to the top, where there was much rejoicing.

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