Player Session 59

Session 59

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Session 59:

We are on the top of the mountain, we watch as one of the ships gets burnt, while trying to run, and the other two, as well with the whole Necropolis get swallowed by an incoming SandStorm.

When the SandStorm subsided, I had learned how to travel great distances and feel stronger and healthier (shot from the Staff Canis has I am feeling much better. As soon as Jorl opens the door he gets hit with a spell cast by a “guy” who Stohagan and I kill and then Jorl and burns everything of value the guy may have on him. Fucking hurray.

We cast spells, and ferry people down from the mountain top with our fly spells, looting the bodies that unfortunately fell when the elevator rope broke, I also found the bodies of the 4 people who where on the magic carpet when it caught fire. Canis turns into a badger and is enlarged by Stohagan to start digging out the burnt ship. After we started all this, Dinkgus suggested we should have just flown to the other ships to see who survived, it’s a good idea, little late, but a good idea, should have done that first. Not feeling on my greatest today. I fly towards the ships to start to send them back this way. Everyone on our ship is dead. Spare rations,…..didn’t even get to eat her, Dinkgus got to her first. Most of the party treasury is slag.

The Ships, return, but they seem to have attracted the Horde’s attention, and they have sent a contingent to investigate us, we load the Sand Splitter up with the slagged treasure, and everything not slagged into the portable hole,……….what a good idea…….

I fling a fireball at the horde beast patrol, and Stohagan casts slow, and we begin…..

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